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Marcoses are succeeding in rewriting our history?

Jan 11, 2022, 1:24 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


IN the news, Stratbase President Victor Andres Manhit blames the opposition’s failure to match BBM news machinery for its poor performance in surveys.

Manhit sees the cause of opposition’s failing is its inability to think like the BBM operators.

What Manhit is not saying is the hundreds of millions of pesos behind the BBM news machinery, funding a long string of troll farms.

By the way, the troll farms produce fake news. They distort facts and worse revise history.

It is the impression of my pais that Mr. Manhit is saying the Marcoses are succeeding in rewriting our history.

Now the Department of Education will get more funds for text books printing should BBM win.


In the news, DepEd lauds budget increase. Madame Secretary, you are assured of more funds next year and the next six years.

Then government funds will be used to rewrite the story of our past. The DepEd becomes the biggest troll in the Marcos machinery.


The fake news war looks scripted, the director coming from the BBM fake news machinery.

I got on my FB some days back a presidential survey result allegedly by Manila Bulletin where Vice President Leny Robredo was leading and Marcos, second.

The graph was obviously fake.

I also saw on FB, the pinks bullying the reds, using foul language. Dirty language on FB and bullying is a tack associated with the BBM propa machinery.

In dirty tricks in campaigns, we call this confusion tack and shift the blame game.

These are old tricks in the game of dirty campaigning. But you need massive resources to make these tricks work.

The opposition relies on volunteers and does not even have the money to run a decent campaign, no way it can fund dirty tricks.


As an elder in the community, I am a solution person to many family and community situations.

One afternoon, a middle aged and thrice married beauty dropped by asking for guidance.

“I’m getting married for the fourth time. How do I tell my husband I’m still a virgin,” she asked.

My answer:

“You’ve been married three times over, so how can you still be a virgin?”

“Sir my first was a psychologist and all he wanted to do was talk about it. My second was an engineer and erection to him were posts in construction. And the last was a gynecologist and all he did was look.
“I am marrying a BBM lawyer this time and I am sure I’m going to get screwed,” she said.

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Community Whispers by Ray Junia

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