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Community Whispers

Many are called but few are frozen

Aug 9, 2022, 12:19 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


Ex-seminarians-- when asked why they left their studies to become priests—normally answer, “Many are called but few are frozen.” How is this?

Read on. A priest and a nun were on their way back home from community service when their car broke down. Fixing the car would take a day and they were forced to stay in the small town that only had one Bread & Breakfast.

In the B&B, there was only one room available.

The priest said, “sister, I don’t think we are committing a sin if we share this one room. I will take the sofa and you take the bed.” The holy sister agreed.

They had dinner, prepared for bed, said some prayers and got to their agreed areas to doze off for the night. A half hour later, the holy nun said,

“Father I feel cold.” The priest stood up to get her a thick blanket.”

Five minutes later, the nun again said,

“Father I feel terribly cold.” The priest said, I’ll get you another blanket. Another five minutes, “Father I still feel terribly cold.” The priest again gave her another blanket.

Another five minutes later, the nun says

“Father I still feel terribly cold and the blankets would not help. I don’t think God will mind if only for this night we act like husband and wife.”

The priest, “I think you’re right. So, please get up and get your own damn blankets.”


A favorite columnist, Randy David, warns the Marcoses on the effects of misplaced satire in the treatment of the Aquinos in the movie “Maid in Malacañang,” even as he explains the image positioning Pres. Marcos, Jr., and Senator Imee Marcos are showing in public.

Intelligent observations from a very perceptive political analyst, Sir Randy, warns, the excesses in the use of lampoons in the last elections was understandable during the campaign period.

“But now that the Marcoses have regained the presidency, further attacks on the Aquinos (who are out of power) can only be regarded as provocative excess, the exact opposite of Marcos, Jr.’s call to unity. It can backfire.” Sir randy asserted.


Some questions and laughs.

Why is a man like a snowstorm? Answer, you don’t know when he is coming, how hard it can hit us, how many inches you can get, and how long it will stay.


How come men don’t get hemorrhoids? Because they are perfect assholes.


What’s the difference between savings bonds and my neighbor “tambay sa kanto”? It takes some time, but eventually the bonds mature.


What do you call a woman without an asshole? Divorced.

You know why men are like toilets? They’re either vacant, engaged and full of shit.


Sorry boys. This week, it is you on my space. Enjoy the week. Have fun. It’s a beautiful day, every day.

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