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LTO corruption stays manual

Feb 16, 2021, 6:23 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


The LTO remains manual

Headline: FDA Approves 10K China Vaccine Doses for PSG.

Everyone, including my driver, is anxiously waiting for what will happen to these soldiers.

The good news is, the country, after all, is not wanting in pigs. We have an army of guinea pigs.


Talking of vaccines, a doctor tells me, he had this patient who is a popular model.

The model asked my friend doctor to be jabbed in a part of her body where it won’t show.

My friend doctor told his model patient to stick out her tongue.


Headline: Rody suspends vehicle inspection scheme.

Great news, now the corruption at the LTO remains manual. The move to computerize and digitalize corruption in that agency lost to the old manual system fixers have mastered.


More on doctors and patients. A patient went to see his doctor who happens to be a chef before he finished his medicine education.

Patient: Doc what do you have for my liver? Doc: Have you tried some onions?


Headline: Lorenzana to US: We want to keep VFA.

Good news to the tourism industry and the Department of Finance. Expect more dollars pouring into our economy.

Now, the girly bars should be back in action.


I remember those days when nightcaps were actually fun in bars, arriving home was not fun at all to the wife.

Those times when a scotch was a wonderful drink. If you have a double it makes you feel single.


Headline: BSP backs food imports to ease inflation.

Overheard: When will government stop inflation of importers’ pockets and of course these importers puppets in the government?


Inflation is about money in circulation and lots of goods in a basket. The state controls the amount of money in circulation, saying money does not grow on trees.

Question: If money does not grow on trees, why do banks have so many branches?


Headline: Pork hoarders warned: You will get caught.

Question: What will they do with these pork hoarders when caught?

Answer: Export them back to China. Then you achieve a level of balance, as the government moves to import food to arrest the shortage created by these hoarders.

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