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‘Lord, please give me patience right now’

Jul 8, 2021, 12:00 AM
Ismael Amigo

Ismael Amigo


I just laughed it off (the headline above) before but on second thought, or after giving it a deeper thought, this rear bumper sticker I came across with while driving one day supremely matters nowadays.

It has, quintessentially, a deeper meaning, a message for all drivers to bear in mind above all other road driving ethics.

With that in mind, unnecessary accidents will be avoided, a lot of lives will be saved, stats on road accidents will go down, and may even snuff out harmful road rages.

It is a must for people behind the wheel to keep their cool at all times no matter what the situation is especially when driving a vehicle filled with loved ones.

But of course, there are a lot of irritating styles of driving no thanks to drivers whose frame of mind while on the road borders on the highly-violent and bloody GTA (Grand Theft Auto) Underground video game style.

When the situation becomes unbearable, go back to the first line above. Say it: “Lord, please give me patience right now.”

As unsolicited advice, it would be best for the Department of Transportation to inject more moral values and proper ethics aside from the usual safe driving techniques like using blinkers before turning left or right and not to use it while driving under heavy rains among others.

Presently, drivers already have an overload of those to the point that they just forget all about it after taking a mandatory exam when applying or upgrading a DL.

Driver courtesy is another matter. And a very important one.

If traffic is heavy, then it’s heavy. No need overtaking for you would still be stuck in the same heavy traffic. Just line up, follow the car in front of you and you’ll be fine.

Also, stay awake, pull the handbrake up if the situation went from worst to a standstill and try not to snooze as this is a time proven cause of further aggravation of an already unbearable situation.

If a driver already flashed a hand signal, let him pass. It would only take him or her a few seconds to do it and you can, after which, go the direction you are headed.

Courteous drivers often do this by flashing headlights or honking once to say “thank you brother/sister” after getting a go-ahead pass.

And that’s heart-warming, a healthy way of communicating with other people behind the wheel on the road.

Sound communication with other drivers while driving also helps.

This is done by hand-signals, blinking lights to either left or right, simultaneous blinking while parking on emergency, flashing headlights when overtaking or asking permission to pass ahead of the other driver, and proper use of car horns.

Lending help to other drivers or motorists is also a sound road ethic especially to other motorists needing medical attention.

However, one must approach this with caution as poseurs-highway robbers abound nowadays.

Part 2 of this installment, will next delve on ‘road rage.’

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