Fine by Me by Amadeus Rex
Fine By Me

Letting Go

Apr 17, 2021, 3:08 AM
Amadeus Rex

Amadeus Rex


Some things in this life simply are not meant to remain, as desperately as we might want them to.

Possessions, people, desires, dreams, and even periods of time—though we might strive with all our blood, sweat, and tears, there is only so much we can do to preserve the place some things may have had in our lives.

Everything comes and goes, and it takes a great amount of willpower to withstand the force of things we value making their inevitable egress. The heart is challenged by the desire to keep things and the survival of their absence.

Once In A Lifetime

It is often easy or at least considerably possible to replace the things we lose, material or otherwise. However, there are certain things which come into our lives seemingly ready to stay, only to end up subjected to the unforgiving, indiscriminate hand of circumstance.

The sweetest memory of something or someone lost may be made bitter in the void of their absence. Though the world teaches us that the loss of beloved things may be more optimistically viewed as room made for something much better, it is only natural to wistfully recall what used to be.

What is better does not always completely compensate for the empty space once occupied by the irreplaceable.

Clinging On

When we might be plagued by the relentless wish of an alternate outcome, we would most likely be told to learn to let go of whatever we are holding onto. It is not always so simple, as some memories persist and hold fast to us, as opposed to the idea of ourselves being the ones holding on.

Vestiges of the lost might be found haunting us amidst the clutter of our everyday lives. Things and moments may unexpectedly arise which we might immediately associate with the past.

Sometimes, they might pelt us like a myriad droplets in heavy rain. Sometimes, they come as rare and yet as cruel as lightning.

What Still Remains

In the face of all the loss and mourning in our lives, our own lives remain. While moving past the irreplaceable, unique, or priceless may feel Sisyphean in practice, it is no less necessary to make a sustained effort to stop the past from holding us back. We must persevere and recognize the value of everything not yet lost.

Though certain memories and wishes may have razed some part within us—its fires having either raged or crept, yet having left indelible stains nonetheless—everything that has been spared from complete consumption is still worth at least the same value we would have given them had we not lost anything at all.

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