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Community Whispers

Let’s kick asses of politicians violating health protocols!

Mar 30, 2021, 4:24 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


POLITICIANS violating health protocols should be dismissed from government service and perpetually disqualified from running for office and holding government position.

Instead of setting good example to the people, they are showing bad kind of leadership by violating health protocols.

In San Pedro City, our local public servants are too brazen, that they post in Facebook their barangay hall meetings, promoted as social service if not educational activities.

One photo clearly showed all the councilors in the city and barangay, crowding a small hall, apparently a political event masquerading as a public service activity.

I am not surprised that in our city, infection has more than double the numbers of last month.

Will anybody who is unafraid enough to bring these local big shots to justice lead a suspension move? I’ll join you.


Malacanang announced, the spread of virus infection can be arrested, promising to bring down the numbers by 25% in two weeks.

One week after the onset of this second wave, one city reports infection rate going from 60 per day to 199 today (March 24).

There are reasons to agree with assessments of our lawmakers, the promise of our health officials to bring down infection by 25% in two weeks will just be a dream that will not come true.

It’s about time to erase politics in curbing this rapid rise in the spread of the virus, even when opposition senators are leading in the call for a revamp of the virus response team.


Today’s (March 24) headline of the PDI, “SC condemns attacks on lawyers, judges”.

The fact that the highest court of the land had to issue this statement speaks of the level of threats the justice system is under now.

Our courts’ impartiality had always been under threat from outside forces, trying to influence their verdicts.

The first and continuing threat is corruption, where the judge’s decisions are influenced by money.

This latest threat being addressed by the SC had always been there but not as bad as in this administration of President Duterte.


Speaking of courts, I get reminded of a court case I got to witness some time back.

A housewife was caught shoplifting. She was found out to be kleptomaniac. She can’t resist stealing. This time she stole a can of peaches in the grocery.

Judge: “Mary, you have good business, how could you do this? What did you take”?

Mary: “A can of peaches, your honor.”

Judge: “Only one can? How many peaches in the can?”

Mary: “Eight pieces, your honor.”

Judge: “In that case, for your penalty, you stay eight nights in jail.”

Mary’s husband: “Your honor, she also stole a can of peas.”

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