Kiss your luggage goodbye

Kiss your luggage goodbye

Dec 19, 2023, 7:17 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


Headline: Robin revives Cha-cha for extension of terms. Among his resource persons invited to the Senate were DIs.


Headline: Sino vessels at Ayungin seen in ‘invasion’ mode. Gentlemen, the Chinese have already invaded the Philippines. They have control of our economy and whoever controls the cash, controls the country.


Official stats say, we buy more from China than China buying from us.

That’s the official report. The truth could be ten times worse. The Chinese are the biggest smugglers of fake imitations from China.


Two friends were chatting over coffee, talking about Christmas dinner.

Andy: “Your wife roasts turkey perfectly?”

Antonio: “Of course, my wife is a terrific cook.”

Andy: “Lucky you. My wife is hitech cook. She uses the smoke alarm as cooking timer.”


My grandkids were talking about FB and others when I overheard my youngest apo talking about IG. I asked, ‘What’s IG?”. It’s a new platform that is now popular, I was told.

I thought it was a snow house without a loo. Its difficult, if not impossible to catch up with these kids these days.


The husband agreed with his wife not to get drunk this Christmas. “Two beers and home by ten o’clock,” the wife ordered.

Husband comes home two in the morning, very drunk. Raging wife confronts him about their agreement.

“Sorry dear, I must have gotten the numbers mixed up,” explains the husband.


At the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, a foreigner was checking in for a flight back home. Frustrated over the chaos at the aging airport, his mood was far from festive even this Christmas week.

While his luggage was being weighed on the conveyor belt, he saw a cheap, plastic mistletoe hanging to remind visitors of the season. Frustrated, he vented his little anger on the check-in lady, saying, ‘even if I were young, I would not want to kiss you in this chaotic airport.’

“Sir, where exactly is the mistletoe?” asked the lady.

‘It’s above the luggage scale, making me step forward to give you a kiss,” passenger said.

“That’s not why it is there, to give me a kiss. Why do you think it is there?” the lady answered.

Passenger: “I give up. Why is it there?”

The lady smiled and said, “It’s there so you can kiss your luggage goodbye.”

“Ohh, I forgot, I am in the Philippines.” The visitor added.


I was at this hotel near the NAIA, where evenings were favorites for ballroom dancing.

There was this couple finding hard to dance to the music of the 60’s.

My wife says, the man is like a dog on the dance floor,” she commented.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“Notice, it’s like he has two left feet,” she said.


As a routine, the wife sings in the shower every morning. One day as she came out, husband says, “Sweetheart, I wish you’d sing Christmas carols.”

Wife, smiling, said, “Thanks for the compliment. Is that because you think the songs fit my voice?”

“Not really,” the husband answered, “but it would mean I’d only have to hear you sing once in a year.”

The husband missed his breakfast.

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