Is there a criminal lawyer in this city?

Is there a criminal lawyer in this city?

Oct 24, 2023, 4:54 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


Little Pablo to Daddy Pablo: “Why did God make mommy so beautiful? “ Daddy Pablo: “So Daddy would love her.” Little Pablo: “Why is mommy so dumb?” Daddy Pablo: “So she would love daddy.”


Two high school students preparing for the quiz bee inter-school contest in Tacloban:

Student 1: “What’s the oldest building in the city?”

Student 2: “The Tacloban airport.”

Student 1: “Wrong. How can we win this contest if you don’t even know answer to it?

Student 2: “I’m correct. You look at those cement structures, they have turned black from age and the steel bars really rusting. By looks, its even older than the Price Mansion and Sto. Niño Church.”

Student 1: “Don’t be stupid. That’s the unfinished Daniel Z. Romualdez International Airport. “

Student 2: “Me stupid? Try our local government officials ... They are also blind.”


Mayor Strange from Leyte, visiting the cemetery, getting ready for the "undas", dropped by a stonecutter. Scouting for a tombstone, selected the stone, the stonecutter asked, “What’s the inscription?”

“Here lies an honest person and a beautiful lady,” came the order.

“Sorry, but I can’t do it. The church does not allow to bury two people in the same grave. But may I suggest, ‘Here lies an honest mayor.”

“But that won’t identify me,” protested the mayor.

Stonecutter: “Surely, it will. When people read it, they’ll exclaim, ‘That’s strange.”


A mayor was powerful enough that he got the Post Office to issue a stamp with his face on it saying, "An honest mayor".

Three months after, the Post Office stopped issuing the stamp.

Reason: People couldn’t tell which side to spit on.


I was charged for libel in one of the courts in Laguna. Scouting for a lawyer in the city, I asked a lady in the court, "Is there a criminal lawyer in this city?"

“Yes there is, but we cant prove it yet.”


A couple went into classy restaurant for dinner. Head-turner couple, the man being strikingly handsome and the dark-haired woman was astoundingly beautiful.

The waitress was taking the order when the man slowly slid down to under the table and was out of sight. While the man was doing his disappearing act, the woman remained unruffled.

The concerned waitress tells the woman, “Maam, I think your husband just slipped under the table.”

The woman looked up at her, calmly saying, “No, he didn’t. He just walked in the door.”


Pablo to friend Joaquin: “So how was your honeymoon? Your first night?”

Joaquin: “Waking up, I forgot and said to my wife, ‘it was a wonderful night and gave her P1,000.00'."

Pablo: ‘That’s ok. She would not know you mistook the night as with a hooker.”

Joaquin: “I know, but my wife gave me back P500.00, saying, ‘here’s your change.’”

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