Is Peace Possible?

Is Peace Possible?

Jul 10, 2024, 7:15 AM
Erlie Lopez

Erlie Lopez


I recently attended an orientation and planning workshop and one of the issues was the word PEACE.

According to Google’s definition of Peace, “It is a societal friendship and harmony in the absence of hostility and violence, that in a social sense, Peace is commonly used to mean a lack of conflict such as wars and freedom from fear of violence between individual or groups.”

If it is possible to achieve peace, how can you tell if someone is at peace? Is there a telltale sign? Would it be a smile or laughter?

People smile all the time. They smile at a police officer who stops them on the highway. People laugh when they are nervous. People laugh when they are afraid. The reality is most people have become so good at hiding their emotions that even when they are confused, they can seem calm, cool, collected, and certain.

“There are no indicators on the outside, only you and you alone know whether you have peace in your life.

In presentations to audiences around the world, Prem Rawat, my mentor talks about a universal thirst to feel peace that he says is at the root of what it means to be a human being.

“By design — not a theory, not by choice, but by design — a human being needs to be in peace,” he says. ”By design, we need to feel content.” Just as there is a desire for contentment within everyone, Prem Rawat says, the peace that will quench that longing lies within.” Instead of looking outside, look inside,” he says “because inside you will find your answer, it’s as simple as that Prem Rawat offers to help those who thirst for PEACE find its source within them. “I’m talking about experiencing heaven here and now,” he says.

Its recognition of the thing that brings you life Prem Rawat can help you recognize the beauty — not the importance, but the beauty — of a moment in your life; to recognize how beautiful a moment is. It’s what Prem does He can show you how to recognize the peace that is playing in your heart.”

If you want to find the answer to your quest of finding Peace, Check here or go to Timeless Today.


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