‘Instant Filipino’ scheme a serious crime

‘Instant Filipino’ scheme a serious crime

Apr 2, 2024, 1:40 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


Tension in the West Philippine Sea is rising with another water cannon attack by the Chinese war vessels on Philippine boats.

We fight back by shooting words of anger to the Chinese government.

Then China answers back with strong threats to our security.

Filipinos are worried of these threats. Who wants to live in a province of China?

I don’t. But former President Digong Duterte does.


Pres. Digong was not joking when he suggested making the Philippines a province of China.

He was more like floating the idea.

And surely tens of Chinese naval hardware are floating in the West Philippine Sea, and practically have taken a big chunk of our territory.


As I said before, the invasion by China of the Philippines happened even before the Spaniards came. It just became very serious during the time of Pres. Digong.

It got too serious that Congress is now investigating how Chinese nationals became instant Filipinos and bought parcels of land as Filipinos.

Congressman Faustino Dy is seeking the investigation at the Lower House of Congress.

How the Chinese ran off owning lands and getting loans from local banks only to run away with the money and get lost is no secret. In Congress hearings, the how’s and why’s of this scheme had been explained.

The next step is bringing to jail those who perpetuated this crime.


No active prosecution of those involved in this ‘instant Filipino’ scheme will encourage public officials to continue with this crime.

The economic implications of this crime cannot be belittled. The ‘pastillas scandal’ that locals got very angry at is kids’ play compared to this.


Filipino farmers find it almost impossible to draw loans from banks. But for fake Filipinos, it’s a walk in the park.

And most of these fake Filipinos are Chinese nationals who have mastered the art of doing business in the Philippines.


Talking of banks, have you heard of the latest survey on joint accounts? It was found out that a joint current account in a bank is never overdrawn by the wife. It is simply under-deposited by the husband.


A friend went to the bank for a travel loan. Outright his bid was rejected. He wanted a loan for a one-way ticket to the USA.


A friend was complaining, he had been to his doctor five times already to cure his allergies.

His complain, if you have money, it takes time for hospitals to find a cure. But when poor, hospitals will cure you faster.


I asked our HR to find me a secretary. Posted on FB, “Wanted secretary – no bad habits, willing to learn.”

One interesting response came from a blonde – “I am interested. No need to be taught of bad habits. Mastered them already.”

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