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Hoaxford or Oxfraud?

Oct 27, 2021, 1:00 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


FORMER Senator Bongbong Marcos says the netizens are smart. They would know,” referring to his paying trolls and using troll farms in public mind conditioning".

Sir, you’re right. Netizens are smart and they know when trolls exist. And netizens are saying you have the biggest and most elaborate, if not expensive, troll farms in the country.

I and my friends believe you have troll farms. "Ikaw na lang ang hindi naniniwala".


Ten years ago, I got a call from a friend in the USA. This friend is some kind of a genius on the IT world.

He asked if what I guess will happen in political campaigns in the Philippines. Surprised at the question, I returned with a question. Why is that?

He tells of a group scouting around for help in the use of social media in mind conditioning. He said they suspect the group is allied with the Marcos family.

Now I see the answer.


Pharmally execs decry being treated like criminals by the senators.

These guys who now drive Porsche and live in luxury have gotten used to pampering, that they equate being detained at the Senate for refusing to cooperate in the Pharmally controversy, as already an abuse on their human rights.

The senators should teach them a lesson by sending them to San Pedro City jail and let them experience the life of suspects in the theft of small change, relative to the billions lost by the government in those anomalous Pharmally deals.


In an ambush interview of a presidential aspirant, “What’s your comment on allegations that you did not earn regular diploma in Hoaxford, oops, sorry, in Oxfraud as you claim?

Candidate: Check your social media track. Majority believe I earned my diploma from Oxford University.


Talking of schools, a friend resigned from teaching.

Her reason, “today, teacher is afraid of the principal. Principals are afraid of the superintendent. The superintendent is afraid of the school board. The board is afraid of parents. Then the parents are afraid of their children. The children are afraid of nobody.”

This trend has caused the creation of special diplomas in very exclusive schools.


BBM went to a department store to buy bras for his wife. “They come in African, Chinese and Russian sizes,” the saleslady explained.

BBM: Strange. How is that?

Sales lady: The African size uplifts the fallen. The Chinese makes mountains of molehills. The Russian suppress the masses.

Guess what did BBM choose?


A priest seeing a blank signboard hanging on a lamppost wrote upon it: “I pray for all”.

A lawyer seeing the sign wrote underneath: “I plead for all”.

A doctor followed, adding: “I prescribe for all.”

BBM saw the last vacant line in the sign board, added: “I pay the troll!”

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