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Jun 6, 2023, 4:54 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


This regular space gets a new name from Community Whispers to Halakhak, from Marites to fun and laugh.

In my senior years, my doctors tell me to skip the stress and simply just smile and laugh out loud, as they say now LOL.

So good morning all and lets start the day with a laugh.


In my province, Leyte, the land of the warays, the most awaited day in the week in towns is the TABO day or the market day. Merchants and farmers bring their wares and products to the public market. Tabo is the day when producers and buyers get to meet for a bargain.

In the town of Palo, the town of our governor, there is tabo. The next town, Tanauan, there is another popular tabo. Two towns after Tanauan, Dulag, there is also an active tabo.

In between Dulag and Tanauan, is my hometown, Tolosa, the hometown of the most powerful family in the province, oops, the country, pala, “waray natatabo.”

My hometown continues to sleep.


In the USA, even sports is political.

A friend, watching a game, texted, excited over a tight contest in that most popular sports in that country.

I asked, is your wife with you?

“No,” he answered, adding that this wife refuses to watch football matches as she says its too political. There was always someone playing on the left wing.


Walking by the beach in my hometown in Tolosa, I noticed, half buried in the sand, a lamp.

Curious, I picked it up. Naughty thought got the better of me,

“Is there a genie in this lamp?”

I gave it a soft rub anyway and boom! A tired-looking genie appeared.

With a whisper, the genie says,

“I’m tired and sleepy, but I’ll grant you one wish, anyway.”

Thinking deep, I wished the genie to make my very old donkey win the president’s cup in the Carmona races and make me very rich.

Upset, the genie says

“I’m a genie, not a miracle worker, please wish another.”

“Ok,” I said. “Can you make my hometown, Tolosa, economically progressive, no more poor families, no one getting hungry, all kids going to school, and everyone enjoys shopping at the mall in Tacloban.”

The genie looked up to the heavens and said, “

about that making your donkey ...”


Boy Pelias, our basketball superstar in my high school days in Tacloban City, now stays in our lowly village in San Pedro City in Laguna.

He was doing his morning walks for the seniors with his nurse-wife. It was a chance meeting and we started talking about his fancy plays on the court when he was young.

“But I didn’t score as much as I would have done as I played for the crowd shouting for magic moves,” he said.

His wife interjected,

“when we met, that’s not what I experienced and I love him for that.”

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