H is for “hot”. F is for “Fu_ _(er)”

Jan 16, 2024, 12:21 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


There is no truth to the rumor that the People’s Republic of China lobbied for the appointment of Frederick Go to head the Office of Special Assistant to the President for Investment and Economic Affairs. Sec. Go can’t choose his family name.


ES Bersamin is said to be leaving Malacanang, to be replaced by Batangas Governor Dodo Mandanas. The governor, though, denies the rumor.

Bersamin is reported to have asked to be relieved of his post because of quarrels and snipings in the snake pit called Malacanang.

The former Chief Justice is said to be offended by the questionings of a top-notch lawyer, a former Senate President, on many of his moves.


Recto and Mandanas are both from Batangas.

When the push gets to a shove, Batanaguenos are no push overs.

Ala eh, that’s what is with Batangas?


Newly minted finance secretary Ralph Recto is eyeing to raise P4.3T to create more jobs and recover from the pandemic.

P3T is expected to come from the Bureau of Internal Revenue. P1T will come from the Bureau of Customs. The rest are to come from the National Treasury.

With businessmen feeling overtaxed, and the people feel underserved, is Recto ready for the challenge?

Let’s wait and see with fingers crossed.


Cha-cha gets exposed as another dirty attempt by the Lower House to “kill” our senators, and the senators are not taking this sitting down.

Majority of senators met at the Manila Polo Club last week to kill this Lower House maneuver.

But Sen. Robin Padilla is pushing for Charter change in the Senate.

We are not surprised by the actor’s move. Sometimes the lead man dies in the movies.


Politics starts to heat up, especially in the provinces. In Cavite, the Tagaytay area, we see tarps of Sen. Mark Villar and his sibling, greeting all Happy New Year.

It is not true they are campaigning to become mayor and congressman of a new city in the south, The Villar City.


In Laguna, the political contest is becoming a fight between moneyed families, many new comers, beneficiaries of the fast-changing voters’ demographics.

But the real interesting corner is the gubernatorial race with the congressman of Sta. Rosa showing interest to head the province, challenging the wife of the incumbent governor who is in his last term.

The Sta. Rosa congressman is Dan Fernandez. He is up against congresswoman Ruth Hernandez, the wife of the incumbent governor.

So it’s Hernandez vs. Fernandez in Laguna. The joke going around says, its an alphabet fight, H. vs. F. the H is for “hot” and the F is for “Fu_ _(er)”.


How many governors would be needed to bring Laguna to the top in the list of most progressive provinces? Three!

One to go around towns and barangays, shake hands, wave to the crowd and smile all the time.

One to meet with investors, suppliers, contractors, and gambling lords and other lords, to make sure that the “quota” is delivered on time.

And one, to tell executive assistants to deliver services, blame the political enemies for sloppy work and his PR team to make him appear the greatest leader of all time and convince the public to kneel before him.

Looks like, all of the above are already in one candidate.

Good luck Laguna!

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