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Government wasting billions is an old habit

Aug 24, 2021, 2:02 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


ALMOST every Filipino is hot on the billions of pesos wasted by the government in questionable purchases and other useless expenses in the middle of this pandemic.

Billions wasted by the government is a non-issue. This is not even the new normal.

This is an old habit by the government, the reason the country is poor and the Filipinos even poorer.

“So, what’s all the fuss over lost billions?” a spox was quoted as asking.


While the anger is high on unbridled corruption in the government, being sidelined is how the local governments are handling the containment of the transmission of the virus, worsened by the unrestrained spread of the Delta variant.

Different folks, different strokes, the cliché’ would say.

And so it happens in cities in Laguna in the distribution of “ayuda” in areas under ECQ.

Some cities delivered the “ayuda” house to house. One city assigned distribution centers and asked qualified families to line up for their cash aid.

What is important is the cash aid reached the beneficiaries. If they get sick in the process, that is another non-issue.


When everybody is so frightened of getting bitten by the virus, doctors are flooded with patients, most of them they cannot refuse.

And doctors have their ways of coping.

An elderly but sometimes naughty doctor tells his relative patient.

“There is a fast solution to your colds. Drink 10 doubles of your favorite brandy. Of course, the brandy won’t cure you. But it sure will keep the germs too drunk to bother you so much.”


Headline: P45-B allotted for boosters in 2022. This early some people are boasting.

This P45-B comes from P240-B allocation for Covid-19 response in next year’s budget.

Businessmen are already shaking in fear. The taxmen are not far behind.


Top men at the Department of Budget and Management may have known what was coming that they left the kitchen before they get burned.

They resigned for personal reasons like health issues. Truly, I suppose, staying longer in the department would indeed be unhealthy.


Headline: 2 House leaders buck absolute divorce bill.

Pro-life Buhay party-list, Rep. Lito Atienza and the founder of Jesus is Lord Church Worldwide, Rep. Eddie Villanueva, objected to the passing of a bill allowing absolute divorce in the country.

The pro-life congressman asserts, the proposed divorce bill is a violation of the Constitution.

The leader of the Christian community, meanwhile, says divorce is not the solution to broken marriage.

The former accused the House Committee on Population and Family Relations of railroading the passage of this bill.

My paisano has another term for the railroading of this bill. It is shotgun marriage.


Divorce is an issue only for those who can afford to pay lawyers and doctors.

At the “laylayan”, my paisano says, they just leave the house when it is not home anymore.


I remember of one court case when the judge asked the accused

“Have you anything to offer the court before the sentence is passed on you?”

“None, your honor. My lawyer already got every peso I had,” the accused answered.

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