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Jul 13, 2021, 12:45 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


CHAPTER 4 of the presidential run script: Inday Sara now “open” to palace bid.

PPRD meanwhile stops being shy on the VP bid, drawing challenge from leading lawyers.


The likelihood of a three-cornered presidential derby looms with Sen. Ping Lacson going around town, getting public support for a Lacson-Sotto run.

Sen. President Tito Sotto is Ping’s choice for vice president.

Edited photo by Opinyon

Edited photo by Opinyon

Now there are three: Inday Sara, Manny Pacquiao, and Ping Lacson.

But wait, my good friend Jonath says, don’t count out Bongbong Marcos just yet.


COA report says 71.7 percent of the total workforce of the Presidential Communications and Operations Office (PC00) are contractual workers, eating up over P70 million of the national budget.

The Commission on Audit flagged this expense, questioning this cost for the government.

PCOO answered, saying these are not trolls but special media specialists, drawing laughter from the crowd.


So, now we know where these keyboard armies are?

Sen Lacson once exposed the existence of troll farms. So, Sen. Lacson was right after all, troll farms do exist and the government funds them and spent over P70 million in one agency alone.


What’s sad here is PCOO is seen here to have abandoned its mission.

I had always believed its mission is to plant and nourish trust on government.

Now it has become the source of intrigue if not lies to mislead the people from the truth if not scare the community with these troll farms.

PCOO just lost its reason for being.


I agree with Albay Rep. Joey Salceda to laugh out the report that the Philippines is in worse shape than Yemen and Venezuela to visit.

I can’t believe how an international business magazine, Global Finance, could make such an error that is bereft of common sense, as in making the Philippines in the bottom of the list of the world’s safest countries.

What I can say is it is not safe to subscribe to this Global Finance.

On the other hand, maybe the PCOO will find need for this magazine’s services, it having the stomach to report nonsense and intrigue.


Social Weather Station (SWS) reported the doubling of those who consider themselves “borderline poor” and “borderline food-poor”.

The survey was done from April 31 to May 2.

Same survey says those “not poor” declined from 42 percent to 30 percent while those who felt “poor” declined from 45 percent to 39 percent.

I can’t get both ends meet on these survey results. Where did the number in the decline of “not poor” go? Same question on the “poor”.

Did they join the ranks of the borderline poor or gone up to being “rich”?

The latter, I would understand as many in government and their cohorts in the private business are making a killing from this pandemic.


I have a friend who went to the USA, since his children wanted that he be vaccinated with Moderna.

On his return, he had to be quarantined in a hotel for 14 days even when he had completed his vaccination.

He says nobody bothered to even check his blood pressure or body temp during his entire stay in the hotel.

He thought the quarantine arrangement was a robbery as he had to pay for the stay.

“I could have died in that hotel and nobody would have known until my corpse smells,” he said adding, nobody came to visit for vital signs and ask how I felt.

Reports of money-making schemes are aplenty in these pandemic times, mostly courtesy of the government.

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