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Filipinos have weak constitution?

May 23, 2023, 12:26 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


In the news. Octa poll: 8 in 10 Pinoys trust PNP.

It was reported the survey teams were escorted by PNP operatives in full battle gear in the interviews.


Malampaya contract extension doubted. Group claims the extension will enrich Malampaya’s new owners, Dennis Uy and Ricky Razon, given the golden opportunity to get what the government should have when the BOT contract expires next year.

The government needs the money badly. But someone else needs it more badly ... with his newly built empire collapsing.


Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo gets demoted in a House move that stripped her of the post as Senior Deputy Speaker.

Five years before the next national elections, the pieces in the chess game are moving fast.

Unlike in the chess board, it’s not black vs white. It’s a kaleidoscope of colors that we see.


A lady in her sixties was getting ready to drive into a parking space when a brand-new Porsche beat her to the space. Having waited for the space in the parking lot, she was utterly upset by the rudeness of the Porsche owner. She berated him, apparently the arrogant businessman type.

“I lined up for that space, stupid fool” she shouted.

“Loser,” he shouted back. “You see, I’m young and fast and smart.”

Very angry, the old lady went back to her car and rammed the Porsche, causing big damage.

“Are you crazy?” yelled the young businessman.

She yelled back,

“No. I’m just old, rich, and has good insurance.”

I was told that lady who calmly put the young businessman in his place was a Ms. Macapagal.


A vice mayor in a city in Southern Luzon rushed to the Asian Hospital, worried about a recurring headache. She had her head x-rayed.

Hours after, she called the clinic, “Doctor, what did you see on the x-ray of my head?”


“Absolutely nothing!”



"Is it true, your tatay is a miracle worker?”


“Yes, it’s a miracle when he works.”


Why are Filipinos said to be malnourished and extremely unhealthy?

They have a weak constitution (... that every new president wants to change).


News: Marcos is eyeing self-regenerating pension system.

Who is self?


VP Sarah remains silent over political realignments.

Not her type of political toxicism. Scouting and ROTC are easier to understand.


Marcos needs good reason to scrap NGCP franchise.

How about the interest of the family that intends to control the power sector, with assets now holding key positions in the Department of Energy?


Remember that cute and pretty dancer that made it big on TV?

She was quoted to have said:

“My right foot is not bad. The left is getting better. But between them I’ll make a good fortune.”

Indeed she did. She got married to a very rich old man.

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