Farmer tells BBM why political killings are starting

Mar 16, 2023, 12:12 AM
Sonny Domingo

Sonny Domingo


PBBM: Ka Mon. Why are they starting to kill politicians?

KA MON: Good question Sir. From what I know after working with the Political Affairs office of your father, it is the start of the political season. First, they start with innuendos to buy out a prospective opposition. If this doesn’t work they threaten his leaders and sometimes eliminate them as a warning to the perceived strong opposition. If still this won’t work they go through the process of elimination. The penultimate is eliminating the opposition.

PBBM: But why?

KA MON: It’s the evils of society embodied in the Local Government Code. It is a triumvirate of COMELEC and Politics. On the roots of poverty, let me share with you what our COALITION OF COMMONS said in the last election where you won.

“Poverty is when a fisherman sells his wife or children for the night for P 300 just to buy imported rice. Or when a farmer goes to the city to work and not earn enough to send to his young family in the province that is suffering from hunger for days then weeks until the wife decides to kill her young kids and herself; or an IP hunting snakes for food because his ancestral domain has been deforested by powerful families that have become mayors and governors of their province, or jueteng lords buying their votes or positions. Poverty is when a crooked policeman becomes town mayor through his guns and goons or a gas trader buying his partylist seat in Congress or a civic leader losing to a traditional politician that paid someone to shave the votes of the civic leader and added to his because he was allowed to do so and in the end recovering his expenses by monopolizing the local business and depriving others of business permits. All these are the roots of poverty in the Philippines which is bad politics that result in bad governance. The root of bad governance is our rotten democracy where anyone could buy his/her LGU position or seat in Congress. All these lead to the very agency created by the Constitution to be the watchdog of democracy which is COMELEC. It is now equated to the Bureau of Customs corrupted to their bones if they were persons with worms coming out of their mouth and with split-ended tongues seeping the blood of the people and with teeth like vampires. All these need not be proven in court because they are realities since our democracy from Marcos Sr. And so today we must ask where our newfound democracy brought us? Where then could we find the dirty fountain of corruption in our beloved land of plenty? It is in the issuance of business permits giving local executives monopoly of good business prospects to the delivery of public services by incompetent local officials who bought and cheated to get to their positions, to the government regulatory bodies controlled by the monopolies, to the government. policies controlled by lobby groups of the business giants to the President whose good intentions for the country to develop is thwarted by Congress controlled by vested interest. We have poverty because the very institution that assures us clean and honest elections could not deliver to us the numbers of our democratic votes, to give us a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Quo Vadis COMELEC? I was asked by media to prove what I have just written. And. my answer is "realities need not be proven just like citizens having the right to arrest anyone trying to kill someone. Are they not trying to kill our democracy?"


Politics of the DA bureaucracy

Politics of the DA bureaucracy

2 weeks ago

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