Farmer teaches BBM how to erase the CPP/NPA from society

Apr 13, 2023, 12:33 AM
Sonny Domingo

Sonny Domingo


PBBM: What's this I hear about the anniversary of NPA last week being connected, according to retired General Victor Corpuz, to the sharing of 10 pieces of camote with just one going to the people for their share of what they planted and the 9 goes to the traders and oligarch?

This economic inequity is what brought about the need for change to communism by Joma Sison thus leading to the Plaza Miranda slaughter of innocent people and it being blamed to my father with accusations of his perpetuating himself in office through Martial Law.

KA MON: Yes Mr. PRESIDENT, although Ka Ramon of SMNI revealed that it was ordered by the leadership of CPP/NPA as told to him by one of his comrades while the others until now remain silent, Gen. CORPUZ was himself surprised to hear it (since he objected also to such plan).

The CPP/NPA then organized a Kangaroo court that promulgated the execution of the cadre that threw the hand grenade (with one shot in the head) as a traitor for revealing what he knows in the movement specially about Joma Sison's orders to bomb Plaza Miranda.

This year Gen. CORPUZ, in an interview, advised that from his experience and leadership in the revolutionary movement, for FILIPINOS what is really needed is an "economic revolution" like developing renewable energy to benefit everyone which he is now doing. This is the real answer.

PBBM: Ka Mon, is not what I am doing like converting 1.5 million hectares of irrigated rice farms to hybrid rice farming, the government importing cheap urea to subsidize our rice farmers to produce more, and now merging two state banks and rationalizing pensions good enough?

KA MON: Sir. That is accommodation and is not the "real revolution” that we are talking about.
PBBM: What then do you suggest I do?

KA MON: 1.1. ON HYBRID SEEDS AND UREA IMPORTATION-- instead of spending public funds to buy hybrid seeds and urea, spend it in supporting farmers to consolidate and irrigate their farms that are rainfed thus adding MORE irrigated areas to produce three times more per hectare per year instead of two tons more per hectare (which only makes the hybrid rice producers and importers richer). That will be Quantum Growth in production, not productivity.

2. ON MERGING DBP AND LANDBANK. DBP has foreclosed thousands of hectares of pasture farms and fishponds from the government. If you take their advice on merging DBP with Landbank you will then erase the anomalous transactions of DBP lending to the rich using government lands which they did not develop and misappropriated their loans in connivance with DBP employees. What should be done is to distribute the pasture lands to the landless to produce yellow corn for feeds and the fishponds to its workers to produce cheaper inland fish that would be a permanent livelihood. Then run after those anomalous transactions and fund the beneficiary farmers and fisherfolks as corporate communities with Professionals. The DBP should instead be converted into an AGRI-FISHERY DEVELOPMENT AND COOPBANK (AFDAC).

3. AGRIFISHERY PENSI0N SYSYEM should instead be developed equivalent to the pension program of the Armed personnel since they also risk their health in producing food as Soldiers of the Soil and Sea. The initial funds may come from the extra collection of the Rice Tarrification Law and part of the taxes of agricultural corporations with export incomes. Sir, all of the above is the real revolution that will totally erase the face of the CCP/NPA


Politics of the DA bureaucracy

Politics of the DA bureaucracy

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