Farmer explains to BBM his moniker “runaway” President

May 11, 2023, 12:15 AM
Sonny Domingo

Sonny Domingo


PBBM: What is this they are saying that I am a "runaway" President?

KA MON: Yes Sir. The labor sector is saying that and they are very disgusted. It also took away the traditional significance of the day of LABOR DAY where you have the opportunity to share with them your plans and dreams and a package of policies and programs for the benefit their sector and correct conflicting policies. The same is true with the farmers May being a Farmers month. The least you for them this year is to declare May 7 as a Farmers Day as some LGU have also done with a package of policies and programs to improve their plight now that importation is taking center stage for food security thus killing the rice, onion and garlic industry.

PBBM. Oh, I did not realize that.

KA MON; You are not to blame. Your advisers have the responsibility to prepare and inform you of these significant events. Good governance starts with the initiatives of the Executive Department or the Presidency through an Executive Order. Congress as a representative of the people may then confirm or amend it to be perfected into a law or just abrogate it after due consultation with the subject sector that it will eventually not benefit their sector. This way you would have complied with the purpose of a government which is to work for the good of the many than the few capitalists you surround yourself with all the time.

PBBM: What benefits can I even give them if we have no taxes to collect from investor? This is why I am now in the United States to get investors to benefit them and create jobs.

KA MON: Benefits and jobs are not the issue here because it will never happen unless you come out with a policy to say no longer tax the consumers with value added tax and have a policy for the equal distribution of wealth with government intervention.

Mr. PRESIDENT the 31 million that voted for you wants good governance to counter the few who wants your ouster like your father. Again the question is "of what use are the new investors if they will only take over our homegrown industries and even magnify the exploitation of our resources and our laborers?

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