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Fake news not new in Philippine politics

Nov 23, 2021, 12:19 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


ELECTION fever is heating up and people are getting confused with issues muddled up in the social media.

Major concern is fake news in the social media.

Certainly, everyone is on fake news spread that even the family that is supposed to be the biggest and most sophisticated fake news factory is now complaining, their members are victims too of these lie spreaders.


But fake news in politics is never new in the Philippines.

The first to have extensively used it, believing on the dictum that a lie repeated several times becomes truth, announced he won medals for valor in the battlefield in the last World War.

He became the President of the Philippines and killed democracy.

He also stole billions of dollars that is now feeding a fake news machinery.


To the question can Sara still become president, former Supreme Court justice Artemio Panganiban, in his column at the Inquirer, says of course she can.

Sara can become president should she win in the 2028 national elections if she runs for the position.

Or she can be president even before 2028 should she become vice president in next year’s elections.

The constitution has defined the rule on succession should the sitting president dies or resigns.

In our recent history, on two occasions, we stood witness to the effect of this succession rule.

First when President Ramon Magsaysay died from a plane crash.

Second when Pres. Erap Estrada resigned from office, forced by people uprising.

So those who are praying for Sara getting to Malacañang, there is still hope. Just be patient.


Lesson for the day: Always tell the truth. That way, you don’t have to remember what you’ve said.


A 16-year-old Philippine Science High School Grade 12 student, Franco Cabral, writes at the Youngblood column at the PDI of his lessons as teacher in math.

He tells of his knowing the current method of teaching in our schools that is basically telling students to memorize, memorize and memorize.

He says from his learning at the PSHS, it should be understand, understand and understand.


This reminds me of my daughter, Nikki, who started teaching performance music when she was second year high school, after having been trained in scholarships programs on music.

Both Franco and Nikki went to teaching at even in their own learning stage, both believing on sharing God-given talent.

I remember Nikki telling me, Filipinos are great musical artists. But we lack the basics.

Nikki now sits at the Cultural Center of Philippines Board of Trustees and pushing for using music in early childhood development.


Presidential Spox Harry Roque barged into his psychiatrist’s office, very agitated and demanded.

“Doc You’ve got to help me. Everybody’s ignoring me at best and don’t believe whatever I say at worse. Is it just my imagination?”

The mind doctor called out her secretary, “Please send in the next patient,”.

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