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Fine By Me

Doing And Being Enough

Mar 20, 2021, 4:49 AM
Amadeus Rex

Amadeus Rex


ONE of the worst and most destructive feelings or fears is that even your greatest efforts would fall flat in the face of everything and everyone around you.

With all of these seeming to be bigger or move quicker, you might feel the urgent need to catch up with them.

You might tell yourself you need to do more and to be more. Thinking this way poses the risk of wearing yourself out trying to be something you consider greater than yourself.

The Little Things

When I would at times feel like every day or endeavor is either lacking or devoid of inspiration, I would often bring that concern up to my friends.

Some of them would tell me that the most immediate thing they can think is that I could take some time to stop and appreciate all the little things in life.

Uninterested in ubiquitous platitudes, I had tended to promptly dismiss such an idea.

I would think to myself,

“Little things? My life is filled with little things I squeeze as hard as I can just to find a drop of anything worthwhile, so what more am I supposed to do?” Such a sentiment was fueled by impatient desire and a narrow perspective.

A bad habit I've had for the longest time has been to take little things and wring them out in the hopes of getting something much greater than is readily available from them.

Never have I considered that many of these things weren't made for what I continued to expect from them. As I wrung harder, it would destroy some of them, leaving them unable to serve even their original purposes to me.

As You Are

One of the things some people may tell you to motivate you in life is that you were made for greatness.

Personally, I don't subscribe to that. You were made, and that's it. Everything else is a bonus to your existence, not a justification for it.

The idea that you were made for greatness may exist partially due to the reason that purpose drives many people, but an obsession with a greater purpose will only leave you empty and perpetually wanting.

It's good to want to be better, but if you can't take yourself for what you already are, if you don't see yourself as already good to any extent, you might never even do so. You will obsess over the need to become anything you are not.

Remember that first and foremost, ascertaining your own survival is for your own good.

You don't exist to meet other people's goals for them; don't shove yourself against the grindstone just to make them happy, especially to the point that it chips away at your very being in the process.

If there is a purpose you truly believe to be your own, you will find it somewhere down the road.

To me, what is important is taking yourself as you are.

You don't need some sort of ambition or grand desire for your life to be considered meaningful or important; value yourself for being you, not for what you can or can't do.

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