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Do you know Jhun Telewik? Maybe you should

Dec 7, 2021, 12:30 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


TRANSPORTATION Secretary Art Tugade sought out to know more about this janitor at the NAIA Terminal 2.

But why would Sec. Art seek out a simple janitor? The answer is: Jhun is not a simple janitor.

Jhun had the chance to be rich for a month or two after he stumbled into bundle of dollars, US$10,000.00 or about P500,000 while cleaning a waiting area at the airport terminal.

But Jhun preferred to return the cash to its rightful owner, not overtaken by a temptation to live rich even for some months.

It is situation like this that the character of a person is put to test. And Jhun passed this test with flying colors.

I liken his passing this test to honor students during graduation rites, and they attract the highest admiration.

Indeed, Jhun attracted the admiration of the good secretary of transportation who said,

“Para sa akin, lubos na kahanga-hanga ang isang taong matapat at mayroon malinis na budhi. Ang mga tulad niya ay dapat pamarisan at paramihin.”


And talking of honesty, how would you rate alleged frontrunner in the presidential race Bongbong Marcos on this moral value?

He was caught lying on his academic credentials. He was caught lying on his income tax returns.

He got caught lying on many claims on his promise to free this country from the ills his father, the dictator, had created.

My neighbor was saying, maybe Jhun Telewik can be a better president than Bongbong.

Maybe we don’t need a fake graduate of Oxford but a genuine janitor, who can clean our country from very corrupt families like you know who.


Speaking of moral values, I get reminded of a story of a Catholic, a Baptist and a Mormon, boasting about the size of their families.

The Catholic said: I have five sons, enough to make a basketball team. The Baptist said, “that’s nothing, I have eight boys, and one more I get a baseball team.

The two were waiting for the Mormon, who after a while and some thinking, said,

“Actually I have by now 17 wives, one more and I get a golf course.”


After hearing of results of surveys saying BBM is leading in political surveys, I asked my kapitbahay,

“Do you believe this?”

My neighbor was quick to answer:

“Let’s put it this way, Filipino voters are of three kinds. First kind are those who plan and do the surveys. The second are those who believe on these surveys. The third, and the super majority, are those who are asking each other, were you asked?”

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Community Whispers by Ray Junia

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