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Dedicated Doctors For An Ailing Economy

Feb 1, 2021, 10:00 PM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


CureCureCure is the bigger challenge to the country as it faces the entry of new coronavirus variant.

It is not BuildBuildBuild that is bothering the Filipino.

In fact this infra program has become a symbol of hope for the country.

The difference between the CureCureCure and the BuildBuildBuild is that the former is killing our spirit while the latter preps up our optimism about the future.

The similarity, though, is both would bring us deeper into the debt trap.


Talking of cures, I get reminded of a story of a teacher friend.

She once wrote an advisory to a mother of one of her students, “Pedro excels well in his academics and is highly talented. But he spends much of his time thinking about girls.”

The mother of Pedro answered, “When you find a cure, let me know. I am having the same problem with his dad.”


“$4.2-B Hot Money Left The Country Last Year”, so says a story in a leading national daily.

What does this mean?

We have lost becoming a playground for speculators. We have also lost thousands of jobs with less money in circulation.

But my neighbor says this is okay as money is the source of all evil. He is inclined to not wanting to have money that his wife had to earn it.

When his wife left him, he celebrated his sainthood and lost his source of evil.


More on husbands and wives. I met this friend from high school. He asked, “How’s your wife?”. I said my wife is an angel. My friend replied, “You’re lucky, mine is still alive.”


Back to the investments, the local stock exchange took a deep dive over the weekend, triggered by the virus scare and international currency situations.

This, with the departure of foreign investment portfolio, does not excite hope for an early recovery of the economy.

The economy needs doctors dedicated to heal an increasingly sick economy.

We need dedicated doctors, not the likes of our doctors at the Department of Health, now subject of derision -- if not suspicion -- over attempts to procure overpriced and less effective China vaccine.


Talking of dedicated doctors, I recall a story of a doctor who was deep in sleep until the house phone rang. He picked up the phone and hurriedly got dressed.

Rushing, he tells his wife, “Quick get me my medical bag. A man just called saying he can't live without me.”

“Take it easy,” the wife said. “That call was for me.”

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