Community Whispers by Ray Junia
Community Whispers

Daughterte’ Leads The Pack Of Presidentiables

Mar 2, 2021, 12:19 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


MIND conditioning has started in earnest for the 2022 elections.

Talk of the town is a list of “winners” or parties preferred by the voters to win in next year’s election, taken from a report by a little-known but reliable survey group.

We are not surprised, on top of the heap in the presidential hopefuls are two women, Sarah Duterte garnering 22% and Grace Poe, getting 13%, making daughterte the run- away winner.

Women are now getting better attention and this reminds me of a story of two boys boasting to each other.

One said, “My father can beat your father.” The other boy replied, “That’s no surprise. So can my mother.”


Back to that survey, Manny Pacquiao and Bongbong Marcos were tied, scoring 12% each.

Tail-enders were Senators Lacson (2%), Angara (1%), Escudero (1%) and Gordon (1%). Pres. Digong was in the list and got (1%).


Headline: Newspaper columnist to be investigated for getting unauthorized Covid-19 vaccination.

The story going around is this columnist is doubling up a bodyguard to the President. He is known to be a Karate expert.


Solons are raging mad at the Department of Labor’s move to exchange our health workers for supply of Covid-19 vaccines.

Our nurses are not commodities to be traded for vaccines, our solons shouted.

While our national leaders are fighting over this “embarrassing” situation, our nurses are lining up to be assigned to Europe and other countries that are running out of health workers due to the pandemic.


We just left behind love month with pandemic-laced love stories.

Almost everything is now online, even fixing a date. I asked our office accountant if he had done online dating.

His answer, a big no, explaining, the system is full of risks. His reason, women’s age is like the speedometer in a used car for sale.

“I know it is set back, I just don’t know how far,” he said.


Our accountant, naturally fixated on numbers, has described the three stages of a woman’s growth. He says at 25, women are attentive, at 35, they are attractive; at 45 adhesive.

He doesn’t want to get married, claiming he is too smart for that. He said when he was a boy he asked his dad if smart men make better husbands. He was told, smart men don’t get married.

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