Clans in control over southern Metropolis

Clans in control over southern Metropolis

Dec 2, 2023, 2:17 AM
Fernan Angeles

Fernan Angeles


WHILE the 1987 Philippine Constitution explicitly prohibits political dynasties, many parts of the country remain at the mercy of political clans – including the Calixto family which has reportedly been expanding its hold over what is now referred to as Sin City — Pasay City.

As if the positions of Tony Calixto as congressman and his sister Imelda as mayor are not enough, the mayor’s son Councilor Mark made an early hint on plans of running for the position of Vice Mayor.

Moreover, the mayor’s nephew – a certain Boss Prince, who had just won as barangay chairman is reportedly bent on moving heaven and earth just to make sure that he becomes the city’s barangay chair federation president, which will effectively elevate him as a member of the city council.

There’s just one glitch though. Boss Prince just might become an extra baggage for the Calixto clan after his name was dragged in various dubious activities in Pasay – illegal gambling, drugs, flesh trade, syndicated fraud in the guise of POGO, etcetera.

Las Piñas folks are also into a similar predicament. When former Senate President Manny Villar – the country’s richest man alive – failed in his presidential bid, his wife Cynthia Villar ran and won as senator. Not long after, the billionaire’s son Mark joined his mom at the Senate while his younger sister is in the House of Representatives as Deputy Speaker.

Same thing applies in Parañaque City where the sitting mayor is one named Edwin Olivarez. The city’s congressman is his brother Eric. When both reached their term limits, they switched positions.

The city council also has another Olivarez – Pablo II, a namesake and grandson of the former Mayor Pablo Olivarez.

Meanwhile, Taguig City is at the mercy of the Cayetanos led by Alan Peter who is now riding on a fresh term as senator, while his wife Lani is currently Taguig City’s sitting Mayor.

For the last 37 years, the Binays have been lording it over Makati. The city’s top elective post has become exclusively for the family, starting from Atty. Jejomar Binay (who eventually became the Philippine Vice President), then his wife Dr. Elenita, their son Jejomar Jr., and the concurrent local chief executive Mayor Abby Binay. The incumbent mayor’s sister by the name of Nancy is now a senator.

From how it looks, it would take some time before these families would be eased out of the cities which they probably thought of as their empire – unless they’re doing good in their respective cities.

Interestingly, political dynasties are not limited to Metro Manila. In fact, even the sitting President of the country comes from one of the most popular political clans.

Many positions in government are held by politicians who form part of political dynasties.

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