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Civil Arguments

Feb 27, 2021, 12:51 AM
Amadeus Rex

Amadeus Rex


Understanding cannot be forced; it is a decision that must be willingly made.

Arguments are regrettably common, and being unable to handle them properly may be damaging to everyone involved. The core of every argument is a disagreement, but we must take care to keep our emotions under control while paying mind to the good of others regardless.

Emotions, being a key factor in sparking arguments, may prove to exacerbate frustrations and obfuscate either side's voices if left unchecked, so it is important that we do not let ourselves get carried away with them. Instead, we must focus on coming as close to a mutual understanding as possible.

Reasons for Argument

As previously stated, arguments stem from disagreements. People who disagree on certain ideas or viewpoints may simply accept their differences in thoughts and move on with their lives, but it is often more complicated than that.

The most intense arguments occur when the disagreeing sides are adamant on trying to make the other see things their own way (let alone agree), with the differences in their opinions or beliefs being utterly irreconcilable.

Sometimes, arguments can seem as though they only ever end up this way, but that tends to be the case when the cause or outcome is emotionally significant to both sides.

An interesting thing to note is that opinions and beliefs aren't the only things with glaring differences causing clashes. Simple and even innocent arguments may be greatly blown out of proportion by a mere incompatibility in people's chemistry.

While a small, seemingly petty disagreement might appear to be the root of an argument, various clashing ideas, beliefs, and opinions already ingrained in either side tend to surface over the course of an escalating heated discussion.

Dealing with Differences

While agreeing to disagree is often the best course of action, there are times when accepting differences is insufficient.

When people argue about the correct choice in regards to an important decision involving more than just one person, coming to a more definitive conclusion becomes necessary.

Such cases require everyone involved to be civil in order to more easily reach a solid decision.

In handling an argument, it is crucial to be sensible and open. Your goal must not be to attack another person's views or character, but to make your own ideas clear while making an active effort to thoroughly understand the other's.

However, it is not enough to simply listen. A common mistake people make in prolonging arguments is paying attention to the other side for the sole purpose of constructing a counterargument, caring either little or not at all about understanding their perspective.

Both Ways

At the end of the day, it is all a matter of clear and respectful communication. Discussions, arguments, and other such things cannot be meaningful without proper coordination and cooperation.

Even in disagreements, it is essential for opposing sides to make an active effort on their own parts to understand each other.

All perspectives—no matter how seemingly senseless or ridiculous at first—must be taken into account with good intentions and respect, not contempt nor condescension.

Understanding cannot be forced; it is a decision that must be willingly made.

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