Christmas is in the air

Christmas is in the air

Nov 28, 2023, 6:12 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


Everything smells like Christmas. My kapitbahay says, he smells it but cannot buy it. With an ever-increasing cost of living, my kapitbahay cannot be more correct. But MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!


Now on smelling. Let's look back at some facts on toilets.

Do you know that flushing toilets may be over 5,000 years old as experts studying remains of a stone age village in Scotland found that the houses had little closets with drains underneath that were flushed by a nearby river.

Do you know that Romans invented public toilets that could seat up to sixty people.

Do you know that before flushing toilets were invented and used, boys cleaned the sewers and chambers underneath toilets to stop them from getting clogged. These boys, called ‘gong scourers’ (gong is an old word for toilet), would spend hours submerged in other peoples’ poo and some of them passed out from the smell.

Do you know that packaged toilet paper was invented in America in 1857 but perforated toilet paper that came in boxes of pre-cut squares was introduced in Europe in 1880. Loo rolls entered the market in 1907.


Going back to those days, do you know that Leonardo da Vinci did not only create world-famous Mona-Lisa, he also came up with inventions that were way ahead of his time, like: 1. the world’s first self-propelled vehicle 2. A giant crossbow. 3. A flying machine. 4. A submarine. 5. A tank. 6. A calculator. 7. A parachute.


A flea went to its travel agent to book for a vacation. Travel agent asks the flea where it would want to go. “I’ve worked hard and saved on this, I just want a place nice and warm,” the flea said.

The travel agent books the flea, “seven days at Ringgo Star’s hair. Ringgo Star is in Nice, France, a nice and warm place.”

A week later, the flea was back to the travel agent. “What’s up?” the agent asked.

“Ringgo Star did nothing but play his drums. I got headache all week long. Get me another place, please.”

So the flea got booked for seven days in Omar Sharif’s mustache. Sharif was in Monte Carlo and the agent expects a great time for the flea.

Five days after, the flea was back to the agent. “Omar keeps himself inside the casinos. I never saw the sun. It was bad for my health,” the flea tells the agent.

The agent suggested something new, this one you’ll love it. The flea got booked in Brigitte Bardot’s muff.

Six days after, the flea returns to the agent. ‘What happened? That was supposed to be fun at St. Tropez, a place for big fun as it is warm and sunny,” the agent said.

“Indeed, she was always out in the sun, by the pool. Great music filled the air and people waiting on us for all our needs,” the flea explained.

“What’s wrong with that?” the agent asked.

“Three days later, I was in Omar Sharif’s mustache again.”


Do you know that Chinese visitors to the country reached over half a million last year? Chinese made it to top 3 of foreign visitors entering the Philippines.

How many of them are sleepers?

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