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Community Whispers

Choose your friends in 2023

Jan 3, 2023, 1:13 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


2023 starts with hope. Here is praying it is not hope against hope.

And wishes for the best in 2023 flooded social media that my FB almost conked out and my battery went dead middle of the day.

On wishes, I get reminded of an Ilokano, Batangueno, and a Bisaya walking in a beach in Boracay when they spotted an old oil lamp.

The Ilokano picks it up and rubs it. Immediately a genie appears and tells them, since there were three of them, each is granted one wish.

The Ilokano, thought a second, and remembers the high cost of onions. Being an entrepfarmer, he wished to be granted to be back in his farm to supervise the harvest and be freed from poverty farmers are suffering due to wrong government policies. Then he vanished.

The Batangueno came next, inspired by the Ilokano, his wish to be back in his shoreline town and help in promoting local tourism to be freed from poverty caused by anemic local governance. He too vanished.

The genie turns to the Bisaya. “You wish to make people from your place richer?” The bisayan answered, “The wife and the mother of our President are bisayans. The speaker of the house, the President’s first cousin, is a bisayan. I don’t have to worry about governance. The President’s family surely will attend to that. But my wish is for the President’s family to do what every Bisayan expects to happen or make me vanish. He too immediately vanished.


Two best friends, the first a politician and the second a businessman went out to check on the local talents in bars in Ermita’s happy district.

Entering a newly refurbished bar, they looked around. The politician friend exclaims, “Look at that skinny fake blonde over there. I bet she’s wild in the sack.” He goes over to her and starts a small talk. Minutes later, the two walked away from the crowd.

The following day, the two friends meet again in the same bar. The same fake blonde was there and the politician friend tells the other, “She was quite good. Why don’t you try her?”

So the businessman friend walks over and pinches her ass. In no time, the two were walking out from the bar.

One hour later, the businessman friend walks back smiling, “She’s good alright.” The politician friend answers, “Yes, I told you so.” The businessman added, “But my wife is a lot better.”

The politician friend says, “Yes, your wife is better.”

In 2023, beware, choose who to trust.

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Community Whispers by Ray Junia

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