Nov 21, 2023, 12:01 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


Pres. BBM tells China’s President Xi Jinping to let be Filipino fishermen in the West Philippine Sea. Pres. Xi, immediately agreed, “but not into South China Sea, ” an insider in the talks tells. Did they agree to disagree? The water cannons will not stop.


Pres. Xi asks BBM to stop hosting the Chinese POGOs, saying POGO is a crime in China.

Now it is confirmed that Chinese criminals are in our country.


To women, their most important men:

1.The doctor, because he says ‘Take your clothes off’.

2.The dentist, because he says ‘Open wide.’

3.The hairdresser, because he says, ‘Do you want it teased or blown.’

4.The milkman, because he says, ‘Do you want it in the front or the back’

5.The interior designer, because he says, ‘Once its in you’ll love it’

6.The banker, because he says ‘If you take it out too soon you’ll lose interest.’


There is no truth to the rumor that First Lady Liza Araneta Marcos, like the typical Filipino wife, is a decisive force behind the President. “That’s a big lie,” our Malacanang insider insists.

But ma’am Liza will never wear mini skirts. She is afraid her balls would show.


Young girl, doing homework on sex education, “Mom, can I get pregnant by anal intercourse?”

“Of course, you can,” mother replied, adding, “How do you think many of our mayors are made?”


I was watching this CCP concert featuring the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO). Conductor Grzegroz Nowac was a master on the baton. Beautiful evening of perfect music. I get reminded of this story.

St. Peter was checking on people lining up to enter the Pearly Gates. He asks one in the queue, “What did you do on earth?”

The man replies, “I was a doctor.”

“Go right through,” St. Peter tells the doctor.

He goes to the next in line, asking same question.

“I was a school teacher,” the man said.

“Ok. Get inside those Pearly gates,” St. Peter instructed.

He asks same question to the next person.

“I was a musician,” the person replied.

“Go round the side, up the freight elevator, through the kitchen…,” St. Peter ordered.


In the beginning, God called Adam for some lessons in life.

“Now that you have Eve, I will teach you how to kiss,” God tells Adam.

Adam asked, “What’s a kiss Lord?”

I will show you. So God taught Adam how to kiss. Adam gladly went back to Eve and they kissed.

God calls Adam back. “Now that you know how to kiss, I’ll teach you how to make love,” the Lord added.

“Lord, what is make love?” Adam asked.

“I will show you," said God and he taught Adam everything about making love. Adam ran to Eve but came back almost immediately.

“Lord,” he asked, “What’s a period?”


A lending company is in front of the NAIA domestic terminal announcing low interest on loans, accepting cars as collateral.

I walked in one morning, seeking a quick loan of twenty thousand pesos due in fifteen days. I offered my Land Cruiser as collateral.

Fifteen days, on its due date, I returned from my trip to Tacloban City, my hometown. I walked into the lending company to pay principal plus interest of P650.00.

“Excuse me,” the manager asked, “I can’t find answer to your bother to loan 20K, a man of your obvious wealth.”

“Very simple,” I said, adding, “Where else could I have stored my Land Cruiser for fifteen days for P650.00?”

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