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Can we trust double-speaking China?

Nov 15, 2022, 1:22 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


Headline: China PM meets Marcos, vows cooperation, respect of international law.

China is a very interesting country. It is a good study in double speak.

While its political leaders and diplomats are talking of cooperation and respect to international law, its military top guns are invading, inch by inch, the Philippines.


In a lunch meet with former President Gloria Macapagal Arroy (GMA), it was explained that we only have ourselves to blame for this rising Chinese adventurism in the West Philippine Seas.

In Pres. Pnoy’s time, we got into standoff with the Chinese navy when we sent a warship to confront China’s renewed aggressiveness at that time. In the standoff, we sought the help of the USA, the latter suggesting both parties pull out.

The Philippine forces pulled out, the Chinese did not, leading to their takeover of Scarborough.

Then we brought the situation to the international courts that China does not recognize.

Can we trust the words of the Chinese? Your guess is as good as mine.


Headline: “BuCor imploding due to corruption.”

This story does not merit to be in headline except for the magnitude of corruption.

It is common knowledge that contrabands and prohibited material reach inmates in the Bilibid prison for cost, making some BuCor personnel very rich.

Newly installed BuCor Officer in Charge Gregorio Catapang described it aptly as “imploding” the situation of the new bilibid prisons, corruption being the first and worst reason.

How do we solve the problem like Bilibid?


Prices of oil in gasoline stations are expected to make mixed movements, diesel going down by P0.40 per liter while gasoline going up by that much.

Years back, diesel was a lot cheaper than gasoline. Then, cars fed by diesel fuel became very popular, pushing demand for the fuel. Now diesel is far more expensive than gasoline.

Then my 14 year old Mazda is back on the road, now more economical.


Israel pledges help to modernize farming in the Philippines.

Goodbye to our carabaos? How about solar dryers that also serve as roads?


Quote for the week. “A bachelor is a man who is free to choose but chooses to be free.- Anonymous.”


Jokes for the week. A woman’s age is like an odometer in a used car. We know it's been set back. But we don’t know how far back.


Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men. The 999 are followers of women.


Women are a tough nut to crack.

When a lady says “no”, she means maybe. When she says “maybe,” she means yes. When she says “yes,” she is not a lady.

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