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Beauty Queens and A Woman Artist

Mar 2, 2023, 12:17 AM
Gem Suguitan

Gem Suguitan


This week, two more queens are added to the list of Quezonin beauties that ka-lalawigans will watch out for. Aside from Anje Mae Escara Manipol of Mauban and Charis Sayson Almarez of General Nakar joining the top 40 of Binibining Pilipinas contenders, Lesly Joy Sim of Macalelon and Christiana Afia Yeaboah of Tiaong were selected to be among the top 40 for Miss Universe Philippines candidates.

Truly, Quezon can be said a land of beauties, as signified in our Opinyon Quezonin cover story before this issue.

Why do we love beauty contests? We want to prove to the world that we can shine among other gems. We are entertained by the beauties and intelligent answers to the Q&A interviews. We are wowed by the genius of our fashion designers and recently, we watch out for the national costumes that are well thought of and researched. These are few of the reasons. And when we watch the competition, we are obsessed as if the candidate is related to us. We always want them to win.

Even if feminists are against suchpageantry, we justify that those contests build confidence among the candidates, it inspires those who watch, and it brings honor to the country.

If local beauties get the most coveted title, they get to express their thoughts, influence people with their advocacies, and get the international platform to express their views about everything.

There is power in winning. And we don’t just love those competitions. The Philippines also dominate them.

The same goes with the local candidates joining national pageants. End goal is winning and having a title that goes with the crown. So they can highlight their town, their province, and their causes, aside from beauty and talent; and kababayans are pleased with that.

Representation matters. This is why Lesly Joy Sim of Macalelon is recently receiving well- wishes from kababayans from another town. She also represents Lopez because she lived and studied there.

Speaking of Lopez, I recently attended the art exhibit that serves as closing ceremony of the 500th anniversary of Christianity in the Philippines at the Manila Cathedral.

Top 12 artists were chosen among the entries and the lone lady artist among the 12 is Analuz Aann Reynales of Lopez. She and Lesly Joy Sim are batchmates at the Lopez National Comprehensive High School (LNCHS). What a coincidence!

As these beauty queens and artist take the stage, kababayans are excited for them, praying for their victory. We always identify with kababayans, and I think it is a good thing.

So, go, Quezonins, shine wherever you are, and be role models to the rest of us.

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