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Community Whispers

BBM: Charge to the Republic of the Philippines

May 3, 2022, 1:51 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


Electing a president is not a popularity contest.

On May 9, we choose our future. We decide who shall lead us in the next 6 years and farther. We decide on what will happen to our country, its economy, peace and order and many other national concerns that impact on quality of our life.

We decide on the future of our children and their children.

Let our love for our children and their children be our guide in electing our next president.


Headline: Comelec Confident: No More ‘7-Hour Delay.'

7 days na lang.


Some BBM parents do not allow their children to attend Leni rallies. But, to their dismay, the kids are revolting right in their homes.

“If you don’t care about our future, we do,” a 16-year old told OpinYon of her struggle with her father.

She complained of the harassment she is getting from her dad. ‘Wala daw ako alam,” she said, adding that her dad thinks she is too young to think about these BBM lies.


I get reminded of my younger days, in the 70’s. when the first quarter storm unleashed fury in our streets that was made reason to declare Martial Law.

Today, I see balloons and cheering in these political rallies. It is a festival, no danger that I saw in those before the Martial Law.

What I see are harmless displays of People’s, mostly, the youth's, statement of what they want for their future.

When parents stop this expression of their children, they are not helping their children grow correctly. Besides, they are fighting for their future.


In Tacloban City in Leyte, identified as enemy territory in the Leni camp as Imelda Romualdez Marcos claims to be from Tolosa in Leyte, a small group of youngsters are going house to house for Leni. And these youngsters are from Tolosa.

Inspired by the dedicated efforts in other parts of the country to bring the message of Leni to the households, these Tolosa youngsters took to the streets, bringing their plea to voters, especially parents,to think of the future of their children and their children's children.


A little of history. A story goes around about Bongbong Marcos at La Mancha restaurant in Magallanes Village in Makati in 1977. “Marcos Jr. walks in with his friends, all of them drunk and rowdy.

“When the bill came, Marcos, Jr. said loudly, ‘Charge to the Republic of the Philippines.’

“They all left without paying.”

This is a true story told by the restaurant manager then.


One unanswered question.

Former Senate President Juan Ponce “Johnny” Enrile, has gone all out for Marcos Jr. in this campaign. He even engages comments on social media asking about the Marcos past.

I remember, he plotted against his good friend, Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. He was one of those behind the fall of Marcos Sr.

Then suddenly, he is on social media hailing the Marcoses and the Martial Law, golden years.

Is this aging strongman, most trusted by Marcos, Sr. until the people power revolt, suffering from amnesia due to old age?

Or, has fear taken the better of this brilliant political strategist?

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