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BBM appoints a Waray to head immigration bureau

Sep 20, 2022, 5:55 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


Lawyer Victor Rodriguez steps down as executive secretary, then steps up to become chief of staff. VR quits the post of Little President after 79 days in office, the shortest stint by the most trusted cabinet member in that post.

The ES is the first among equals in the President’s official family. VR getting that most important post surprised many. Then it did not surprise me he got clobbered too soon in the post, was not even given the traditional honeymoon period by the media.


Bugtungan, ano ang bagong title ni Senate President Zubiri but being whispered only by the naughty minds and in the media circle in the Senate?


Marcos flies to the USA today (Sept. 18). He is going to the land of milk and honey to attend the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York.

Now, who said he can’t set foot on the USA? The yellowtards lie is again exposed.

The last Marcos visit to the USA that got to our history books was to Hawaii, when Marcos Sr. thought he was being flown to Paoay.


We have a freshly minted Immigration chief, my good friend Atty. Norman Tansingco, who earlier served that agency for almost a decade, mostly as chief of staff of then Immigration bossman, now Minority leader in the Lower House, Congressman Nonoy Libanan.

Norman’s joining the Department of Justice as commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration earned some good words from a common friend, the prolific writer Atty. Mon Cuyco.

Mon says, “Every triumph is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice by one who is blessed to do a remarkable thing, unique to him and fitted to his talent.”

He continues to describe the new immigration chief as “one person who did not let his dreams be dreams but chose to make them realities. He has been the master of his fate and the captain of his destiny.

“This time, the road of life took him to an inevitable and expected turn. With his exceptional gravitas, experiences and sheer talents, he beautifully ended up in the place he is supposed to be, right in the storied walls of Intramuros. (The BI offices is in storied and historical Intramuros in Manila)

“The terrain is not new to him, but this time, it will just be more than a terrain. As he shares history of the walls, he, too, will make history of his own.”


It is in the making of his story in the history of the BI that many are too frightened, too afraid, the mafia will get stripped naked and kicked out from the bureau.

This fear has translated to black propaganda on Atty. Tansingco. Too bad for this mafia, Norman was born fighter, showing grit even at early life like in college with Cong Nonoy, these attempts to intimidate Norman will never work.

Congratulations Norman Garcera Tansingco, son of Leyte and Eastern Samar, a waray. The curtain rises for you.


A successful and very rich soap maker, in a press conference, was asked:

“To what do you attribute your success?”

The serious reply:

“To clean living, friend. To clean living.”

That is my good friend Norman, a living example of clean living.

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