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Bantag knows how the justice system works

Apr 18, 2023, 8:19 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


“Chirpchirp” Flies to Israel

An unwanted guest forced his way inside an exclusive Chinese club in Manila. Stopped by security, he made a scene, waved a card. “Alah eh, Immigration ini,” he shouts, initiating a commotion.

Bureau of Immigration insiders say, the action by BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco was fast and decisive.

The unwanted intruder was fired.


Who is hurting the most from strict immigration?

The human trafficking syndicates and illegal recruiters.


White slavery or human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar illegal business.

Most victims are Filipinos, costing the government over P10 billion a year in repatriations.


Some favorite tourist spots in the country are reportedly red flagged for human trafficking crimes, like Siargao.


Trafficking of women is done in the internet. There are sites promoting women looking for sugar daddy/mommy like “tambayan,” check a post by one “chirpchirp”


Yes, pwede. Check a post by one “chirpchirp” who is looking for a sugar daddy/mommy. It has a menu of her services and price list.


Who is “chirpchirp”?

Isa siyang ibon lipad ng lipad, palipatlipat ng nest. Minsan nasa Dubai. Minsan nasa Israel.

Si island girl, magaling mag surf. Okay siya sa ilalim. Pwede rin sa ibabaw.


Down in the south, Don Pedro opens a bar and named it Nancy’s Legs.

One evening, Dante and friends were waiting for the bar to open, standing before its door.

A policeman walks up to them and asks “What’s up boys? Eveything alright here?”

Dante answers, “We’re just waiting for Nancy’s legs to open so we can get in and get a bite to eat.”


On international relations, China is too afraid of warming Phl and US relations.

China threatens the RP of consequences to expanding EDCA.

I hear they’ll stop selling imitations and fakes to the RP.


Headline: Bantag urged: Surrender, trust justice system.

Obviously, Bantag has no trust in the justice system.

Why should he trust? He knows how the system works.

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