Back-to-back PPO shows in WV

Back-to-back PPO shows in WV

Jan 23, 2024, 1:02 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


Last week, it was three days in Iloilo. It was an excellent experience in food trip at very reasonable prices.

I was there for our local desk visit and watch the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO) shows at Iloilo City and Roxas City in Capiz.

Iloilo, the province and the city, should inspire other local government units. The economic growth is almost beyond understanding, as I sought explanations.

Our local editor tells me, former Senate President Franklin Drilon led in the march of Iloilo to progress that caught the attention of investors.

Medium rise condominium units mark the landscape of the city and neighbor towns

Hotels are filled up even as respectable hotel chains like Seda and Richmond are in the right corners.

The place is like Manila’s university belt with almost fifty colleges and universities. “There are many foreign students,” our local editor said.

Salute to the local leaders in the Western Visayas (WV) region.


The PPO concert in Iloilo was most successful. ‘The best show ever for the PPO outside Metro Manila. Crowd response was unbelievable,” PPO resident conductor told us in after show dinner.


Next stop was in Roxas City in Capiz. The place surprised me. It is the seafood capital of the country, yet it was unbelievably clean.

Mayor Ronnie Dadivas, explains, “The city is a hall of famer, consistent leader on green and cleanliness contest among the Western Visayas LGUs.”

It will be the first time the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra will do a concert in Roxas City, thanks to Congressman Jojo Ang of partylist Uswag Ilonggo and Mayor Ronnie.


I was with 3 editor friends in that last week trip to Panay. The four of us are all senior citizens and retired from serious desk job.

Girl watching by the sea of Iloilo, one asked me if I had slept with a blonde. I said yes, one time and I thought it was the last of me.

Another friend followed up with a question if I had slept with a brunette. I said, yes, several times. “Nothing exciting,” I added.

Then my third friend asked if I had slept with a redhead. I answered, “Not a wink.”


Back at the hotel, I get reminded of the question, “What’s the difference between hard and light?”, as I was about to turn on the lights.

Answer: You can go to sleep with a light on.


The wife of my friend complained, “Last night your best friend came home late and forced me to take aspirin.”

I asked, “What for?”

“You have a headache,” he answered.

I told him, “No! I am bloody well.”

“Great,” he said, adding “Let’s make love.”


Superman was having a slow day. It was a Sunday. He wanted to have pancit in one of his favorite eateries in the Mall.

He flew to the batcave to invite Batman for snacks. Batman: “I’m stuck fixing the batmobile. I can’t join you.”

Superman sent to see Spiderman. Spiderman complained of his broken web-shooter that he can’t join Superman.

Dejected, Superman raced to the home of Wonderwoman. And using his super-vision, he saw Wonderwoman lying on the deck, spread-eagled, and stark naked.

He got this naughty idea, with his super speed, he zoomed down and did the deed and flew off in a flash.

Wonderwoman, surprised, stood up asking, “What was that?”

And the Invisible Man climbed off her shouting, “I don’t know. But it hurts like hell.”

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