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Community Whispers

Athletes uplift country’s low morale

Aug 10, 2021, 12:44 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


TOPPING the news this week was the return to ECQ of the National Capital Region Plus.

Hospitals are fully booked as 12 of the Metro Manila health care facilities hit critical risk level.

Vaccination centers are clogged up with people too afraid that aside from the vaccines, tranquilizers are in the menu.

The funny part is the fear comes from the report that those unvaccinated will not get the “ayuda” from the President.

In Las Piñas, kilometric queueing in vax centers was observed in some barangays.


In Cebu, sale of medical oxygen has been regulated. There were reports of panic buying of this all –important and highly sought purified gas.

Pictures of patients in cars lining up for treatment in a hospital drove up fears. In the picture, oxygen tanks were next to cars and connected to patients inside.


Both mainstream and social media are flooded with sad stories these days due to heightened fear of the Delta variant.

The country’s morale is low, uplifted only by victories of our athletes in the Games.

While many of our government officials are stealing gold from us, our athletes are sweating out to bring the important gold for our country.


The sad stories in our media will soon fade away. The reason? Its election next year and campaign has started along with the confusion stirred by the rising guessing game.

At the national level, the administration party, PDP-Laban has been split, first to two and now to three.

The consistent names being floated for the highest post are Manny Pacquiao, Ping Lacson, Sarah Duterte and Isko Moreno.

Latest story in coffee shops, Sarah may not run after all, disappointed at the quarrels inside Malacañang. “I never said I was running for President,” she was quoted as saying.

It is going to be Go-Duterte in the administration ticket.


Lacson-Sotto team up has started to catch fire and earnestly organizing at the countryside.

Lacson ads are very visible in social media, a signal that he is a serious contender.

Pacquiao on his return from his fight in the USA, will surely create some noise, starting with corruption issues under the Duterte administration.

Word going around is Sen. Manny would get the support of Sen. Grace Poe.

The lady senator who almost became the president of the country will most likely be Sen. Manny’s vice president.


Mayor Isko is expected to forget his plans for Malacañang after several missteps.

He ended up without a credible national political party.

Besides some of his principal funders have already shifted support to another group this early in the game.


Bongbong Marcos, though, is still a wild card. He can go for president or run for vice president again.

According to my DPA, nothing is sure yet on Marcos plans. Even this late, they are still negotiating.

You don’t discount a family that has a command vote from the north and south of the country.


Let’s have our own guessing game.

What’s the thinnest book ever printed? Answer: What men know about women.

What’s the difference between men and bonds? Answer: Bonds mature.

What are the three stages of sex life of a man? Answer: Tri-weekly. Try weekly. Try weakly.

Smile. Stay safe and happy!

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Community Whispers by Ray Junia

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