A week of denials

A week of denials

Nov 7, 2023, 3:19 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


Lost in translation. That’s how National Security Adviser Eduardo Ano described the warning coming from AFP chief of staff Gen. Romeo Brawner, Jr. on uniformed officers joining a destabilization move against the Marcos, Jr. administration. Nothing but passionate officers mostly retired military officers debating on the policies of the BBM administration, said the NSA adviser. Brawner Jr., himself, denied saying there was such a plot. Last week was a week of denials.


The Philippine National Police, last week, announced the arrest of two Chinese nationals in Pasig. The PNP found an armory of high-powered firearms in that operation.

This led to speculations that the Chinese government is not only intent on stealing some islands in the West Philippine Sea. That bully of a government is intending to steal the whole country. And the arrested Chinese nationals were “sleepers”, no different from what the Japanese did before they attacked the Philippines in the last world war.

The Chinese Embassy in Manila was fast in issuing a denial. They are not “sleepers” in Chinese moves to take over the Philippines. There is no move to attack Metro Manila.

My kapitbahay says Chinese leaders are bare-faced liars. Only their bullying is not fake. They fake almost everything. They are the father of imitation. They copy everything. So, don’t be surprised if they copy Japan’s moves in the last world war.


A Chinese husband bought his wife a lovely looking diamond ring for Christmas.

A friend tells the Chinese husband, “I thought your wife wanted a 4x4 pick up truck?”

“She did,” said the Chinese husband. But China has not perfected faking a 4x4 truck. So where on earth can I find a good fake truck?”


Friends were talking in our little corner coffee after a short jog in the neighborhood.

“What are you giving your wife this Christmas?” asked Jimmy.

“I asked her what she wanted,” replied Arthur, adding that the wife wanted a winter in South Korea. “I am saving for that already,” Arthur said.

Jimmy said, “I asked my wife what she wanted and was told she wanted nothing short of a Mercedes Benz.”

“And that’s exactly what my wife will get – nothing.” Jimmy added.


My kapitbahay, Pablo, tells me of the time his daughter introduced her boyfriend to him last Christmas.

Wasting no time in getting to know her daughter’s BF, Pablo asked “What does your father do Martin?”

“He’s a magician,” Martin answered.

Pablo, amused, expressed his surprise, “That’s wonderful. What’s his best trick?”

Martin replied, “He saws people in half.”

“Unbelievable,” that should make your dad a great magician, Pablo said, adding, “Who in the family is following after him in the tricks? You have brothers and sisters?”

“Yes,” Martin said. “Two half brother and three half sisters.”


Christmas gift suggestion, to the wife who wants to see the world, give her a box of postcards. I did that in last year’s Christmas, for two months Jollibee was always at our door for breakfast, no miss.


Thelma and Beth were talking about Christmas gifts.

Thelma asked, “What did Ruben give you last Christmas?”

“I got a skirt and sex,” Beth replied, adding, “Both were too short”

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