Straight Talk by Roy Moraleta
Straight Talk

A sloppy, sophomoric politics

Jun 24, 2021, 12:05 AM
Roy Moraleta

Roy Moraleta


I’M no political analyst here but even my politically sophomoric intuition on the 1sablayan, este 1sambayan nominees for president and vice-president could hardly be wrong. No. The choices it bragged and was hoping to make noise of appeared rather miserably wanting of political genius.

No offense to the six personalities that 1Sambayan named last June 12, but all of them have nothing to no chance at all in winning a national election yet, let alone a presidential contest next year where president Rodrigo Roa Duterte, a still very much popular president, will still be very much involved.

The obvious weakness of the choices it made in choosing losing names (except for Trillanes, who already announced his intent to run for president) cannot even be equated to being the underdog. No. Rather, it’s more of being wanting of political prowess. There is very little to no influence at all in the supposed opposition alliance. Even Vice-President Leni Robredo in one radio interview couldn’t help but reveal the telling problem their party must resolve – lack of unity. There’s no rallying cause yet that shall draw all of the opposition forces toward a single purpose.

Believe me, there’s not much to look for after the disappointing June 12 supposed opposition powerhouse blast. Unfortunately, despite all the otherwise hyped and supposedly much anticipated unified 1sambayan coalition, it was all there is to expect – nothing but all “panis” as coined by one political analyst.

Anyways, the former Supreme Court chief justice Antonio Carpio has yet few critical weeks to regroup and merge all the opposition forces. Otherwise, 1sambayan will end up fielding losing nominees in the likes of Trillanes and Robredo. The looks of it appear bleak. It seemed that 1sambayan is failing to rally even a modest campaign, let alone a seriously unified opposition force.

All the big political names it was hoping to rally and join in their campaign trail against Duterte have sent an immediate and clear message – all begging off and pleading not to include their names in their wish list. The circus ended up Carpio earning the title as “the newest political clown in town” – a rather unexpected consequence of his sloppy and sophomoric politics.

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Straight Talk by Roy Moraleta

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