Community Whispers by Ray Junia
Community Whispers

A House divided

Jun 7, 2022, 1:32 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


Lawmakers are divided on the move to postpone barangay elections, set for December, this year. First group wants postponement, still smarting from big spending in the elections last month. The other camp is against it, dead set to replace those “Kupitans” who ran off with their campaign funds.

In the news, ADB, France lend RP $809 Million for climate change action plan.

Who said nobody will dare lend to the government as we are overborrowed?

International funding agencies are racing to give President BBM the support. And this is not fake news.


Have you heard of the story of that Filipino lawmaker who was abandoned by his starlet girlfriend for a younger Chinese mestizo?

According to the girlfriend, the lawmaker is a fast worker but is small finger size. The Chinese mestizo, slow but accurate and clinched fist sized.

Who is the heartbroken lawmaker?


Another starlet was about to get married to a lawyer who just resigned from his juicy government post.

She went to see her priest confessor asking for guidance.

“Father, how am I going to tell my husband, I am still a virgin?”

The priest, in his most unbelieving tone,

“My child, it is common knowledge you’ve lived in with three gentlemen before you met your husband. Surely your claim cannot be believed.”


“But father, my first boyfriend was a a psychologist and all he wanted to do was talk. The second was a bookkeeper, all day he would be making entries in books and was tired from work to even think of entering me. The third was an engineer who kept telling me stories about erections but never had one.”
“This time, I’m marrying a lawyer and I’m sure I’m gonna get screwed,” she added.


President-elect BBM creates his search team to fill up positions in his administration. The search team, headed by the most trusted people of the BBM family announced it is accepting applications for government posts.

My insider reports, the team got flooded with applicants that he said should explain why BBM got landslide win. It looks like millions of Filipinos are out of job.

My take, with that level of interest to join public service, Pres. BBM has all the reasons to succeed and no reason to fail.

Interesting was applications for positions at the BIR, Bureau of Customs, DPWH, Immigration could fill up a warehouse if not a whorehouse.


The government is expected to follow an ADB advice to broaden tax base to aid pandemic recovery.

Brace yourself for higher cost of living.

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Community Whispers by Ray Junia

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