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A finance expert's stupid solution

Dec 27, 2022, 12:45 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia



Pedro went to the hospital. “I want to be castrated,” he tells the doctors.


“Are you sure? Have you told your wife?”


“Am damn sure, as sure the sun rises tomorrow.”

On his way home from the hospital, Pedro meets Henry.


“Hi Pedro! Been decades since I’ve seen you. Where’d you come from?”


“From the hospital.”


“I’m on my way there too, to be vaccinated”


“Oh shit, that’s what it is called.”


Pedro is like our national leadership.

Price of sugar is going up. Solution: import.

Farmers complain, prices are going up because of declining supply. Farmers are not planting cuz of high cost to produce the sugar canes. Farmers are losing, higher cost of production than selling price to traders.

Farmers suggest:

“Not import, but support to bring down cost to produce sugar.”


Merry Christmas! Indeed people flocked to the malls, congesting roads in the city.

It was a nightmare of a traffic one week before Christmas day. Who said Filipinos are getting poorer?


“We did. We’re getting poorer every passing day.”

Department of Agriculture (DA):

“We promise every farmer a better life, able to send his children to school, roof over his head, and food on his table.”


“Reality is DA is making farmers of other countries live a better life.”


How do we tell Warays in a cockfight? They’re betting on the duck.

How can you tell, the waray-waray gang is involved? The duck wins.

That’s why Eastern Visayas, the home of the Warays, had, for long now, stayed at the bottom of economic development in the country. Always making wrong bet.


Department of Transportation (DOTr) announces it is giving top priority to the needs of bikers and pedestrians for space in our roads.

Move as One, a noisy NGO stands up and applauds. “Bravo, Brilliant. It is about time.”

What do I know about noisy? “A noisy river runs shallow." I was always told by my elders to shut me up with my none sense.

Move as Thousands explain, road congestion is a space problem. Supply of road space against demand from cars and big vehicles is very low and anemic. Congestion has made our roads very unsafe. Deaths from road accidents continue to rise, specially among bikers.

DOTr solution, reacting to Move as One suggestion, give more road space to bikers, a policy shift that will reduce space for cars and motorists.

Indeed, brilliant! A space problem solved by taking out the space. Simple minds that remind me of that joke of a solon who said the law of supply and demand should be abolished at best or amended at worse.

But the idea is cute, according to this noisy NGO. And the DOTr agrees.

That’s what we get when a finance expert in the airlines industry gets to run the DOTr.

It’s not cute. It’s not even funny anymore when people at the DOTr are getting stupider every passing administration.

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