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Community Whispers

16 sure winners for 12 Senate seats

Jun 29, 2021, 12:35 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


THE sad news first, former President Noynoy Aquino passed away in his sleep.

What does Pres. Noynoy remind me? He reminds me of that lyric in the song Que Sera Sera, “what will be, will be.”

I don’t think he planned to be President. But he became one, though much unprepared.

He gave the position his best shot, but we ask, how did he perform?

On the economy, it was not bad.

If it was, how do you think PRRD’s economic managers are funding projects if banks are not lending? And banks do not lend to bankrupt business, even countries.


Quoted from his sister, Ballsy, Pres. Noy preferred to stay silent even when arrows rained on his administration, saying he can still sleep at night, confident that he did nothing wrong to his country, our country.


Let me use a post on FB by the wife of a good friend, Marlon Ramos, of the Phil. Daily Inquirer.

Karen Herrera-Ramos says on FB, “During President Noy’s term, I have peace of mind. I don’t worry about the safety and life of my husband, who is a reporter”.

“Because of Pnoy’s good governance, our family was optimistic. We were inspired by his integrity and humility. We were proud to be Filipinos”.

“We really miss a leader that is decent, coherent, and has regard to people’s life”.

What can you say about Pnoy? Was he that bad as anti-yellow forces want us to believe? You may send your answer to OpinYon news desks.


On corruption. I am not convinced Pnoy was part of any division of spoils by people under him.

Every President in this country had his/her own share of being accused of corruption.

His humility and simplicity were most remarkable.


The race to Malacanang is getting noisier every passing day. The guessing and the betting continue.

Still leading the pack is Sara Duterte, the favorite child of the President and incumbent mayor of Davao City.

Determined to challenge the presidential daughter is Senator Manny Pacquiao.

There is no turning back for the world boxing champion and legend, in his quest to lead the country.

Stories circulating in coffee shops are about why Sen. Manny is itching for a showdown with the President.


One version says he was insulted by the President in one dinner he was invited.

Even before dinner started, PPRD shot down his plans for Malacanang, telling Sen. Manny he has no chance to win vs. Sara and he is not qualified to become president.

The senator answered back telling PPRD he had a dream and in that dream was told by God to save this country from widespread corruption.

Then Sen. Manny stood up and left the dinner.

The boxing legend is not the kind to run away from a fight, he promises a good battle, “win or loss”.

It is said that the fighter’s spirit was just stoked by those exchange of words in that dinner.


The race to the Senate is even more interesting.

We will elect 12 senators and yet there are about 16 sure winners in the race.

We have 7 reelectionists, four comebacking former senators, and five hot names coming from PRRD’s official Cabinet and media personalities.

From PRRD’s Cabinet, sure winners are Presidential Chief Legal Counsel Sal Panelo, Transportation Sec. Art Tugade, and Public Works and Highways Sec. Mark Villar.

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Community Whispers by Ray Junia

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