Yes, Mommy, there a need for 'digital detox'
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Yes, Mommy, there a need for 'digital detox'

Jun 13, 2023, 6:18 AM
Zashi Garcia

Zashi Garcia


Kids don't go out to play and socialize anymore.

These days, kids are more likely to be found doing games on a smartphone, tablets or computers rather than playing tag with other kids in the backyard.

As the world changes, so does the way we live, play and socialize. We're left to wonder: are we letting our kids spend too much time on their phones?

It's time to think about a "Digital Detox" for our children ... and us!

Digital Detox sounds fancy but it's a simple concept. It's about taking a break from phones, tablets and computers. And it's not just for adults. It's essential for kids, most especially.

Today, children start using phones and tablets at a very young age. Sometimes as early as they learn to hold anything or before they can even write their names, they already know how to swipe the screen for choices.

So, why does this matter? The truth is, spending too much time looking at a screen isn't good for kids. Doctors tell us that it can lead to less sleep, unhealthy eating and even problems with behavior.

Also, spending too much time on screens can make it harder for kids to pay attention and make friends, leading to feelings of sadness or stress this early. Winning or losing in an online game could most likely cause or trigger extreme emotions.

But it's not just about physical and mental health. When kids are always on their phones or tablets, they're not exploring the world around them. They're not using their imagination or learning from real-life experiences. And the more time they spend online, the more chances there are for them to see things they shouldn't or interact with people who might not have good intentions.

Now, we're not saying kids should never be introduced to the technology. It can be a great way to learn and have fun. It's all about balance and moderation.

A digital detox doesn't mean saying goodbye to phones and tablets forever.

It's about using them less or limited time and doing other things more.

It's about talking with friends in person, leafing a book or playing out under the sun.

Also, it's about remembering what playtime used to be — and can still be — without a screen.

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