Water conservation urged

Water conservation urged

As dams run short of water due to El Niño

Apr 3, 2024, 3:01 AM
Darlene Pomperada

Darlene Pomperada


Amidst the looming threat of dwindling water levels in major dams, especially during the dry months, Task Force El Niño has emphasized the crucial need for continued water conservation to prevent a potential water crisis.

Presidential Communications Office Assistant Secretary Joey Villarama, spokesperson for the task force, highlighted the historical trend of water level reduction in dams like Angat in Bulacan, decreasing by 30 centimeters per day during the summer season.

Angat serves as Metro Manila’s primary source of potable water.

With the convergence of El Niño and the summer season, there's a heightened concern that Angat Dam's water level could decline further.

Villarama acknowledged factors such as increasing household consumption, evaporation, and inadequate rainfall contributing to this risk.

While advocating for water-saving practices like using pails and dippers for bathing and recycling water for cleaning, Villarama discouraged activities like using inflatable pools to minimize unnecessary water usage.

Assuring the public, Villarama stated that contingency measures are in place to mitigate potential water interruptions.

He also mentioned the weather bureau's forecast of rain in the upcoming week, which could alleviate the water level in Angat Dam.

Meanwhile, the cities of Cebu and Zamboanga have already declared a water crisis due to El Niño's effects. Villarama mentioned the government's readiness to provide static water tanks in areas experiencing water shortages.

Furthermore, Villarama warned that the number of El Niño-affected provinces may increase to 80 by the end of the month, with damages to the agricultural sector already reaching P1.75 billion as of March 25th.

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