Twin Flame of Breakthrough, An Inspiring Homecoming

Twin Flame of Breakthrough, An Inspiring Homecoming

Jun 4, 2024, 5:18 AM
Marjorie A. Maido

Marjorie A. Maido


Mia Robles Ng, a vibrant 37-year-old entrepreneur, is the catalyst behind the continuing success and innovation of her family-established Breakthrough restaurant in Villa, Iloilo. Though Mia never grabs credit from her parents’ inspiring story of how Breakthrough came to be, she has embraced the passion for the culinary her parents have long been waiting for and probably praying for.

The concept of Breakthrough is intertwined with Mia’s life. Daday, Mia’s mother was six months pregnant with her. This timing led to the perpetuation of a family anecdote that Breakthrough is Mia’s twin. Yet Mia chose a very different path, leading to her separation from home. After completing her education in Manila, she took on a corporate job; worked in Manila, and, later on, in Malaysia.

While away from home, Mia’s parents more persistently threw their pleas, encouraging Mia to come back home, sometimes bordering even to guilt-tripping that her "twin" needed her.

Munding, Mia’s father, especially, made frequent implications for her homecoming. Mia, as the obedient daughter that she is, finally gave in, and accepted the role she seemed destined for.

A Landmark

Out of the four children, only Mia is involved in the management of Breakthrough. She does not only perform well in managing the restaurant but is happily married and a glowing mother to her kids. She talks passionately about food and her family, and her eyes sparkle as she narrates how she is ardently involved with promoting their restaurant and the Ilonggo cuisine.

One striking decision Mia made was when she declined offers to franchise Breakthrough. She is keen on not compromising the taste of the restaurant’s dishes, given that she values freshness and consistency and firmly believes that the unique dining experience in Breakthrough cannot be replicated anywhere else.

“One has to come to Iloilo to truly taste Breakthrough,” Mia stresses the importance of Breakthrough not only as a culinary destination but a landmark for both the locals and tourists.

Passed Challenges

Mia recalls hosting significant personalities, and beams with pride, as how Breakthrough was able to hurdle the challenges of the pandemic.

Mia’s creative contribution is not only confined to the evolution of the menu, where she infused new dishes while preserving the classic favorites patrons come back for. She also spearheaded the expansion of the dining area, to accommodate more customers.

The expansion nevertheless retained Ilonggo charm as the walls of the interior are decorated with Capiz shells, aligning with the concept of a seafood restaurant. Since its establishment in 1990, Breakthrough has solidified its reputation as a must-visit destination in Iloilo City.

Mainabi-abi nga pagdayaw, Mia!

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