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Theatre Great Direk Freddie Santos Takes Final Bow

Dec 17, 2020, 6:40 PM
Boy Villasanta

Boy Villasanta


Popular director, mostly of stage and television shows, Freddie Santos is never forgotten by his peers in show business.

Freddie, who was director of such box-office hits “First Name,” “Joseph the Dreamer,” “So David,” “Widows, Orphans and Wildebeests,” “Divino,” “Sabel”, etc. succumbed to diabetes and complications in his sleep at home yesterday morning. He was 64.

Big Theatre Stars

Name them and they have been directed by Santos including Lea Salonga, Regine Velasquez, Carlo Orosa, Ogie Alcasid, Rey Valera, Joey Albert, Gary Valenciano, Angelique Lazo, Rico J. Puno, Imelda Papin etc.

Most entertainers in the local music and theater industries are sad but proud they had associated themselves with Freddie. His memories linger in their hearts and minds.

Filmmaker Jose Javier Reyes: “Take your final bow, Freddie!”

Directing The Angels

Actress and writer Bibeth Orteza has this to say: “First thing Freddie Santos does in heaven is re-block who sits where, and in his booming voice, go: “Look guys, the throne of God is the throne of God, that has to be elevated in the center, nestled in clouds — no one stays near it.

“Hurry up, move! I have no time! I still have to re-position planets and stars!”

“We will miss you, dear man. Our love to Tita Mameng, to Tito Aureling, whom you’re sure to see huddled in a corner teaching my mother-in-law Armida how to pronounce ‘Renault’ like the French do.”

Never Look Down!

Actor Audie Gemoro: “Honored to have been able to produce some of your most brilliant musical theater masterpieces over the last 30 years.

On behalf of the Trumpets family, we will make sure your life continues through your songs, stories and scripts for generations to come.

To all who know Freddie, he will be telling us, “Never Look Down”.

“Freddie once asked us at Trumpets ‘Who was the very first production designer?’

Then revealed, ‘God! Because He created the heavens and stars, the splendor of sunsets’…

Freddie’s Humor

“Freddie always understood magnificence. His grandness was too big for most of us to grasp.

“But I believe the Lord will now show him the kinda of theatre he always dreamed of. And together create art beyond anything we can ever imagine.

I will miss Freddie terribly. His humor, his laughter, his mind, heart and soul. But he has left more than enough love, memories and great works to last my lifetime and beyond. Til we meet and perform together again…”Joining our hands we sing Hallelujah!”

Actor, filmmaker, producer and arts technocrat Dennis Marasigan: “May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

An Ode To Freddie

Film, television and stage actor, writer and director Frank G. Rivera writes a poem:
“It’s all of a sudden, no excuses

As many of your surprises always

Before was happy, but now not

I hope the news that you passed away is wrong

There are many surprises in your creations

Just like a leaflet in the morning

Every touch you hold has a happy companion

The not good gets the hope

That’s how you whisper in your field

World stage is lit up

Common move turns into a dance

And the simple sound suddenly music

Creativity is a heartfelt tribute

Goodbye to our beloved FREDDIE SANTOS!”

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