The miracles of a virtual trade show, according to an IT honcho
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The miracles of a virtual trade show, according to an IT honcho

From home to Central Luzon to other points in the globe..

Mar 27, 2024, 5:56 AM
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Not only is the palpable media the force to reckon with in reducing the whole planet Earth to a villa.

Canadian communications philosopher and guru, Marshall McLuhan might have or haven't missed out the intervention from cyberspace in cohering the whole universe into a small village.

The digital world has now interconnected all elements of a society from humans to institutions to robotics.

The internet of the whole wide world has made nearer the farthest destination of the traveler when riding the cyber.  has made economy available at the tip of a finger up for grabs to anyone.

Take the case of Information Technology (IT) expert Charles Pena who created the virtual trade show in his turf.

All World Trade (AWT) marks the invasion of a practical salesman-client relationship veering away from the disruptive factors of immobility, manana habit and other depreciating attitudes and uncontrollable circumstances.

Unlike the physical trade fair done for instance at the World Trade Center or SMX Convention Center, both in Pasay and other halls for commercial exhibits where one has to bear the brunt of traffic and other disruptions, virtual trade shows like AWT facilitate smooth-sailing trade fairs or markets.

Even if the site of the trade show is in Subic or Clark or anywhere in Central Luzon, one could participate at home in just a push button participation.

"A seller and a buyer can negotiate in our AWT trade show by logging in to our website," explained Charles, who has visual artist Bon Labora at his disposal.

Domestic trade fair at home is just an e-gadget click away.

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