Tacloban Fruit stand that stood the test of time
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Tacloban Fruit stand that stood the test of time

Apr 25, 2024, 12:55 AM
Mae Rose Miralles

Mae Rose Miralles


Along the bustling sidewalk of the downtown area, outside of Reyna's Office and School Supplies establishment, a fruit stall stands unbothered. It is known for the different kinds of fresh, thirst-quenching fruits of good quality. The bread and butter of Familia Naval for many years, this was a life-changing business prompt that transformed and recreated them.

Estimated to have started in 1969 by the head of the family, Leopoldo Naval, a resident of Tacloban City.

With nowhere to ask for funds from, Leopoldo sold his tricycle to start the business. From that start-up capital, he obtained from the sale, Leopoldo started building his first-ever business. It was also the first-ever fruit stall in that very same spot along the sidewalk of the building. And it has been there since.

As per Enrico Naval, 53, one of the Leopoldo's children, aside from fruits, they also sell newspapers, the only one of its kind in the city.

With the sense of being strategically wise, the family managed to operate the business from then until now. Together, they took care of the family business, with the help of the rest of the family and of their mother, Nanay Apyang.


With the test of fate, the business was challenged in so many ways.

Being a street vendor with unpredictable daily income, it was hard for them to deal with their daily struggles in the business. During rainy days, they get soaked in water and on extremely hot days, they get concerned about rotting fruits .

Every day, they have to shell out a 20-pesos ticket for vending on the sidewalk.

However, there were scenarios like they had to vacate their spot without further notice when the Traffic Operations Management and Control Office (TOMECO) ordered them to do so. Regardless, they keep on coming back to the same spot.


Being in a family with 10 is quite challenging and, according to Enrico, that's why there is no reason for them to give up. Rather, they keep on pushing and fight harder each day for the sake of survival.

As Enrico said ""Kinahanglan matibay kala maghulat hit customers," knowing that there are various fruit stands in the area, which means they have other competitors.

Life must go on and so is the business, as he added saying that he enjoys selling as it became their "rice and fish" for years now.

Now, their business leads them towards a better position in life.

Fruitful Success

The main source of income of the family, the fruit stand became the way how all the other siblings and nephews were able to go to school and, eventually, graduate.

All the hard work and sacrifices of their family have finally paved its way towards glorious and fruitful success.

Running a business is not easy. The Naval family is a living testament on how to continuously runs a business successfully with dedication, resilience and perseverance.

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