Roeder Camanag plays Jesus Christ in musical "Daan ng Krus"

Roeder Camanag plays Jesus Christ in musical "Daan ng Krus"

Mar 27, 2024, 3:27 AM
Boy Villasanta

Boy Villasanta


After playing Simoun in the epic musical "El Filibusterismo," singer-actor Roeder Camanag went and took on his theater journey as Jesus Christ in the song and dance passion play, "Daan ng Krus."

According to Roeder, he feels blessed every time he is portraying the magnitude and sublimeness of the Divine Hero.

Even when he was just preparing the role, Roeder was inspired to rehearse and to eventually share his performances to every theater-goer.

"''Daan ng Krus' is a harmonious journey," said Camanag.

The production kicked off at the Montano Hall in Cavite City where Roeder said it weaved a tapestry of faith music and devotion among the audience.

"The stage radiated with passion as the performers carried the audience through the poignant stations of the cross," intimated Roeder.

The musical was also shown at the Erewhon Center for the Arts on Don Francisco St., Old Balara, Quezon City.

"The spotlight once again illuminated the sacred path, invited hearts to reflect, rejoice, and found solace in the timeless story of sacrifice and redemption," said Camanag.

The free admission mode of the show added dimension to the holy intentions of the production.

Photo Caption: Roeder Camanag as Jesus Christ in the passion play, "Daan ng Krus" (Photo Credit: Roeder Camanag/Facebook)

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