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Pope Francis jokes ‘a little tequila’ for his knee

May 18, 2022, 7:32 AM
Nicole Pulido

Nicole Pulido


Pope Francis jokes about tequila shots for his painful knee.

Even the Pope needs a shot sometimes!

Pope Francis made a joke about his painful knee last week, suggesting that ‘a little Tequila’ would help ease the pain.

The 85-year-old Pope has been struggling for some months with his mobility as he suffers from sciatica, a condition where the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back to the feet, is irritated or compressed. He has then been forced to use a wheelchair after suffering from strained ligaments in his right knee.

He now uses a wheelchair and answered that his knee was “very capricious,” and one priest thanked him for his good mood “in spite of your discomfort,” prompting the head of the Roman Catholic Church to confess he would be even happier if he had “a little Tequila.”

“Do you know what I need for my leg?” the Pope asked the religious, recognizing their Mexican accent. Without waiting for an answer, he laughed and told them, “A tequila!”

The Pope turned back around smiling and continued on his way in the popemobile. The video of this fun moment can be seen on the Legion of Christ’s Twitter account.

The pontiff was doing the rounds of St. Peter's Square in the Vatican in his popemobile after the general audience on Wednesday when he stopped to say hello to the group of newly-ordained priests, one of whom asked him about his knee.

Because of his condition, the pontiff had to cancel a trip to Lebanon scheduled for mid-June. Back in April, the Pope said he was mainly treating his knee pain by regularly putting ice on it and taking painkillers.

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