Pinoys seeking jobs in China warned

Pinoys seeking jobs in China warned

Nov 6, 2023, 1:28 AM
OpinYon News Team

OpinYon News Team

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Filipinos seeking employment in China beware: the Bureau of Immigration (BI) has sounded the alarm on alleged human traffickers recruiting Filipinos to work in China without appropriate documents.

Immigration Commissioner Norman Tansingco issued the warning upon learning of the arrival of five Filipinos who were repatriated from China.

The five Filipinos, who arrived on October 20 and 21, had been arrested and detained by Chinese immigration authorities for working without work permits.

During interviews conducted by members of the Immigration Protection and Border Enforcement Section (I-PROBES), the victims said they were able to land in various jobs such as hotel housekeeper, caretaker, private tutor, and as household service workers.

It turned out to be a “nightmare” for them as they had to switch from one employer to another, pose as household workers, and had to evade apprehension by Chinese authorities. One such victim ended up being imprisoned for 70 days before being repatriated.

Tansingco said the experience of the repatriates should serve as a warning to other Filipinos that they should not be lured by promises of high paying jobs from strangers and foreigners who will not help them the moment they encounter problems while working abroad.

“The best way to avoid these sad experiences is for you to go through the legal process that migrant workers should follow in applying for overseas jobs,” he added.

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